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Why do my eyes hurt when i wear makeup?

My eyes feel hurt when wearing makeup. Why? Is eye makeup bad for eyes?
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  • cheesykittycat

    First of all, I want to tell you that the makeup will do some harm for you and your eyes. Because we all know there are many kinds of chemical in the makeup, and some of them do can make help you look more beautiful, but do you know that while you are enjoy the beauty, the chemicals in the cosmetic is hurting your eyes. As to the reason why you feel your eyes are hurting when you make up, I want to tell you two possibilities, maybe there is some little cut around your eyes, and the ethyl alcohol in the cosmetic will make the cut hurt. In addition, if your skin around your eyes is sensitive, which means you will be allergic for the chemicals in the cosmetic. The result is that you also will feel your eyes are hurt. Of course, maybe there are some other reasons why you feel your eyes are hurt when you makeup, so you had better go to doctor's.
  • Benjamin gary

    Hello, eye makeup can be bad to your eyes if you do not use it properly. You feel eye hurt when you wear makeup, in my opinion, the most possible cause is that you are allergic to some ingredients in the eye makeup, so you can change the product you use and find that fit you better. Second, if you find redness in your eyes, it can be the reason that the product is ending up in your eyes, so be careful when you use it. If you still feel hurt, you need to go to your optometrist or doctor to find more suggestions. Good luck!
  • walkingaround

    Well, the first thing to do is clean your face with warm and clean water, no any facial cleanser. Then stand before a mirror to check your eyes whether has any wounds or not: look your eyelids and skin around eyes, check the side of eyelids which are in eyes. Finally make sure that you have no any eye basic problems. If all of these phenomenon you do not experience, thus I think you may allergy to cosmetics or cosmetics enter your eyes when you are making up, en, you may be unaware of that. Eye makeup is usually not bad for eyes, such as eye shadow, eyeliner. But you must be careful when you are making up and you should purchase some high qualities of cosmetics in order to damage your skin and organs around eyes. By the way, you'd better not wear contact lenses during your eye makeup. If this matter enters your eyes by accident, eye infection may occur.

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