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Can tiredness cause yellow eyes?

I got yellow eyes. It looks ugly. Can tiredness lead to yellow eyes?
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  • eomer_byrom


    It is a pity that you have gotten yellow eyes. Yellow eyes can originated from a variety of reasons. Tiredness is one of the causes of yellow eyes. If people do not get enough rest or are overly tired, they are very likely to suffer form hepatitis, which, to a certain degree, may directly lead to yellow eyes. Bear in mind that tiredness is not the only cause of yellow eyes and you may have other physical problems which had plunged you into the suffering of yellow eyes. Cirrhosis of the liver, sickle cell anemia, bile duct obstruction and cancer of the pancreas are all probably the exact causes.
  • Gail


    No. As far as i know, people may got yellow eyes because jaundice or some serious liver problems such as hepatitis and cirrhosis. Besides some blood disorder like hemolytic anemia can also lead to yellow eyes. If you just got tired, take a break, you can recover. Nevertheless, if you have chronic tired eyes. Is it not a good sign. You shall visit an eye doctor for a exam so as to know what's really happen to you. Best wishes to you.
  • Joshua arnold


    Normally, the sclera part should be white. Tiredness might make people lose the brightness of eyes, full with bloodshots, yet the sclera still remains white in this case. People might get the yellowish deposit on sclera for collagen fiber degeneration, but it is only spot instead of whole yellow eyes. If your eyes are yellow, the culprit should be the jaundice. It is due to the bilirubin built up in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellowish pigment from the breakdown of old red blood cells. Normally it is processed by liver and stay in bile through intestine and finally excreted out in feces. If bilirubin got built up in blood, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your liver. You should go to hospital and have your blood tested as soon as possible. If leave it untreated, it would be lethal finally. I once got jaundice when I was a little kid. I got my skin as well as my eyes tinged yellow. It is a hazardous disease that I had spent totally one month in hospital to get recovered.
  • Zoe


    It is serious that eyes turn yellow. But tiredness is rarely to cause yellow eyes. Jaundice is commonly the real cause of yellow eyes. Sometimes our palms and soles of the feet may become yellow when an abnormal value of jaundice in our body. In addition, some problems with liver are also cause yellowish in our skin. So see a doctor to determine the real reasons. However, before that no any self -caring, or further unwell and serious problems may occur.