Prescription sun glasses – A good choice

February 14th, 2010 by Angela Garrana Leave a reply »

Most of us must have the experience of looking for clip-on sun lenses worn over our normal eyeglasses when we go outdoors. In this case, a pair of prescription sun glasses will be a good substitute and a better choice.

The function of prescription sun glasses is equal to a combination of eyeglasses (or contact lenses) and a frame of sun lenses. The 2 in 1 prescription sun glasses make the outdoor activities more at ease. For example, for contact lenses wearers, it is not healthy and good to wear non-prescription sun glasses over the contact lenses to go to beach where aquatic activities may be watery.

Prescription sun glasses can be made based on virtually all the lenses prescription, it is almost the same as prescription eyeglasses. Single vision, bifocals and multifocals are all available for prescription sun glasses.

There are wide frame choices for prescription sun glasses. But not all the frames for non-prescription sun glasses are suitable for all the prescription sun glasses. For example, some wraparound styles are not suitable for prescription sun glasses, as the prescription lenses have optical centers to match the wearer’s PD.

Something special for prescription sun glasses is the polarization. Polarized prescription sun glasses add more reflective protection from water wave, concrete road and other places which easily reflect sunlight to the eyes.


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