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Are you looking for a way to update your sunglasses wardrobe, or wanting to match your eye-wear with your personal style? Whether you are looking to shake things up, or are delighted sticking to the look that best suit you, Miranda Kerr has the inside scoop on best styles for Spring Outing!



Doesn’t she look like walking down the runway? Miranda Kerr is a very attractive getup for street snap who matches a pair of timeless square-frame sunglasses, which is attractive for its precise silhouettes and exquisite workmanship. This bold pair is shown with whole black frame, and features polarized lenses that are designed to reduce glare. This choice is the perfect addition to her sexy, often vintage-inspired style. If you’re looking for a versatile pair of sunglasses for the upcoming spring season, this style should be a must.
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Just finishing the afternoon tea with friends, Miranda Kerr enjoys ease of mind. Black outfit reveals the frankness, however exquisite details can be gained be our sharp eyes, such as the pair of sunglasses. Also the collocation of short hair and sunglasses appears more free and easy as will. They are handcrafted from a lightweight silver-tone metal and are designed to feel comfortable even during long periods of wearing. The deep-gray lenses offer 100% UV protection, thus there is no worry about outside sunshine.
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Even at the airport, our goddess continues to radiate charm. The moment she looks back, all focus is on her delicate little face shaped by horn-rimmed black frame, which should always be a must-have style for stylish sunglasses that can enhance the overall texture. These sunglasses are basic addition to the closet of every superstar (or wherever you keep your shades). They fit well and look good, also you can definitely style these shades with anything. Our supermodle Miranda Kerr chooses same black T-shirt to compliment, no doubt that she looks dashing all the time.
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st947 (2)

No matter what occasion, she has shown us her sexy style with a twist, and we are excited to appreciate that she also selectes unique sunglasses to complete her look. Featuring a cat eye shape with modern multiplication detailing, while protecting outside uv, this pair also provides a key final touch to her impeccable personal style.
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f18503x (2)

Miranda prefers dress for shopping, however who dares to wear such dress if it weren’t for figure confidence? No doubt that she can make it. As well as the tortoise frame, it is the focal point matching with whole outfit. With their funky vintage vibe, the tortoise shell sunglasses are retro geek-chic at its best. Cool gold accents at the temple arms and the corners of the frame add some delicate elements to sunglasses. Moreover it protects against ultraviolet rays on your way to the shopping mall, which can become one of your must-haves for spring wardrobe.
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As for the changing accessories, Miranda Kerr favors the Ray-Ban aviators. Certain frame shapes endure because they hit that sweet spot between flattering and iconic. The aviator’s mix of angles and curves suits pretty much any face shape, and its role in films like Top Gun and Skyfall ensures its classic position. The dark-brown lenses can also filter out the annoying flashlight!
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Without having the same body, but you can own similar sunglasses. If you’re mulling over the ways to upgrade your wardrobe for spring outing, why not consider choosing a brand-new pair of sunglasses? Right pair can be an accessory to change up your usual outfits in a subtle way.

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