What Should We Know about Customizing Prescription Sunglasses

June 21st, 2011 by Reza Hyver Leave a reply »

The blazing sun is shining right over our heads. Therefore, sunglasses become a must-have item for sun block and eye protection. However, as for people who have some vision problems, a pair of sunglasses can not satisfy the demand of them. Recently, a new type of sunglasses with the function of vision correction obtains popularity among people who are fond of cycling or driving.

It is known that the market is full of a superb collection of sunglasses. However, not every kind of sunglasses can be made with prescription. If one wants to customize a pair of prescription sunglasses, he’d better choose a relatively smaller frame and the diameter of the lenses should be in 62mm, which will be in favor of the dioptric and pupil distance of the customer. This kind of prescription sunglasses will make the things look clear and the main colors of the lenses are grey and dark brown. Currently, the custom-made prescription sunglasses can be classified into three kinds.

The first kind is the polarized prescription sunglasses. Either color or style of the sunglasses can be customized according to the customer’s likes and dislikes. Besides, the styles of this kind of sunglasses are very refreshing and thrilling and sunglass in this kind also can effectively block the UV rays. However, thanks to the insufficient light transmittance, the polarized prescription sunglasses are unsuitable for wearers while staying indoor. The second kind is the tinted prescription sunglasses. As the name indicates, tinted prescription sunglasses are the common prescription sunglasses tinted with colors. Sunglasses of this kind are of reasonable and affordable price but of poor UV rays prevention. The third kind is the photochromic prescription sunglasses. The photochromic prescription sunglasses can adjust its color according to the light intensity, which is convenient but the price is higher than the counterparts.


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