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  • Well, yes, kidney problems can lead to some eye problems too. For example, some chronic kidney problems can cause your dark circles under your eyes. For your situation, you can have some Moisturizers containing Vitamin E and K, so that it can lessen the appearance of dark circles. Also, you should know that the kidneys filter waste products from the blood and remove them from the body through urine. When there are some kidney problems, it can lead to some disorders to your eyes, such as dry eyes. For this situation, in my opinion, you can just take some foods which are rich in vitamin a. or just do and see the eye doctor.

  • You can buy them at or only other eyeglasses site

  • Chlamydia eye infection is contagious. Chlamydia can infect the eye by the remaining bacteria on the hands after touching the genital. The infection is called conjunctivitis or pink eye. As is known, pink eye can be spread through hand contact. To prevent the contagion, you and the people around you should form a habit of washing hands frequently. Besides, you should use your own articles of everyday use and do not share them with others. It is also necessary for you to stay at home to avoid contagion, for you may spread the bacteria when you are in populous places. Antibiotics can be used to treat chlamydia eye infection. If the corneal is seriously damaged, you can receive corneal transplant.

  • When the eyelash is mixed into the eyes, the eyes suffer the pain. The quick and direct way is to speed up to blink your eyes which may cause the tears. Thus, the eyelashes may get out following the tears. Or else, it may still stick in the surface of the eyeball. However, there is another common way. Washing your hands and using the fingers in front of the mirror, you can put it out gently.

  • please i have glaucoma and am on medication,will i still go blind,if yes how long will it take for me to go blind

  • It can be cured with physical therapy which is in the form of eye exercises, or a pair of special designed glasses. If you are in an extreme condition, you may need a surgery. So, go and see an eye doctor, have him make you a therapy plan. Or you can do some eye exercises by yourself. For example, cover your healthy eye, and gaze at something with the wandering eye. If both of them are wandering eyes, you can cover one of them to watch something and then switch to the other. Other exercises like threading needles, painting and try to gaze at the point of a pen take by yourself, and then make it near to the middle of your eyes, and near and near. Do the last one again can really help you with your wandering eyes.

  • Cataracts result from the natural aging of the eye. Cataract surgery is the removal of the natural lens of the eye that has developed an opacification. It’s usually to be taken to improve eye vision. Cataract surgery is generally performed by an ophthalmologist in an ambulatory setting, such as in a surgical center or hospital, which usually causing little or no discomfort to the patient. More than 90% patients are successful in this surgery. Actually, cataract surgery has not certain help with eye vision. Because it is easy to get bad sight if you do not take good care of eyes after surgery. And your degrees in two eyes will become different. Cataract surgery has risks of complications. Infection or bleeding may occur in some people. So after cataract surgery, you must make time to care for your eyes. Two or three different eye drops to use after surgery, sometimes eyeglasses also need.

  • I rarely use Advil or any pain medication. However, last night I did due to some muscle pain from exercise. This morning my eyes have never been so swollen or puffy. I had only eaten vegetables and fish (a frequent diet of mine) and all was home cooked, so I know I hadn't taken in any extra chemicals. The only difference in my day was taking Advil. I looked up the question to see if it was a common side effect. Now, I am convinced my terribly puffy eyes came from the Advil. This information should be shared.

  • Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Actually, it really does not work for eyelashes growing. However, don't give up. Tea tree oil and olive oil can help you. Also, vegetable oils, which are triglyceride extracted from plants has the same functions as tea tree oil. You just put some such oils on your fingers and massage them on eyelids carefully once a day. A week later, you can see the result. Also, you can use honey with warm water to wash your eyes every morning, and ginger is also okay, which are good to cultivate eyelashes.