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OPSM Shp 210 Upper Lvl Westfield Shopngtwn
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  • No. They have different purposes. Reading glasses are used to magnify at near distance. People with presbyopia use reading glasses to help them focus on the near objects. While computer glasses are designed for the distance from the eye to the screen so that people can feel comfortable to view the computer screen. Wearing computer glasses while using a computer can prevent the CVS.

  • Yes, you can order prescription motorcycle goggles that are special made for people with poor vision but like ride motorcycle. And prescription motorcycle goggles are worn not only for vision aids, but also for eye protection. For example, with it, they can protect the eyes from dirt, dust insects and other debris in the air. What's more, The goggles also shield the eyes from UV rays and glares in Sunny day.

  • I am seeing eye floaters for past 6 months..initially it showed up on left eye, for past 1 month , i could see on right eye far, I had seen eye dr twice , he have done all examinations and says all fine .nothing to worry.just ignore the floaters. they are harmless. many ppl see that. I am really not happy with his answer. can any one help me what to do to get rid of it.

  • Well, according to your description, it seems that your vision is not quite impressive. But anyway, as long as you can be one of the air force soldiers, your vision is good. But it is unknown whether you are allowed to wear contact lenses in the army or the training. Perhaps you should conform to the rules. And generally speaking, wearing contact lenses during the course of basic training will do no harm to your eyes.

  • I agree with the adjustment of the nose pad. Sometimes, you can even buy glasses designed with this adjustment in mind:

  • Generally speaking, there is a possibility of getting scleral icterus when people have yellow eyes which means the whites of the eyes take on a yellowish tinge, a sign of jaundice caused by a buildup of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin which is normally processed by the liver and released into the intestine in bile before being excreted from the body through the feces is a yellow-colored pigment that is produced by the breakdown of old red blood cells. There are many reasons for yellow eyes, such as bile duct narrowing or obstruction due to gallstones or pancreatitis, cancer including that of the liver and pancreas, cirrhosis which is liver scarring due to a variety of liver diseases, drug-induced cholestasis to slow of bile flow, hepatitis caused by alcoholism, medications or infection, ischemic hepatocellular jaundice due to a lack of blood or oxygen reaching the liver, pregnancy-induced obstruction of the bile ducts and so on. It is better to go to the doctor's for an overall examination to find out the cause of your yellow eyes as soon as possible in case of it worsening.

  • Yep, there are so many oils can help reduce dark circles. For example, cypress oil, olive oil, lavender oil. They effects are all pretty good, but not a panacea for dark circle. Moreover, you have to pay attention to your living habits, don't sit for too long at the computer, television. Notice to rest more at ordinary times, only in this way can you solve the problem completely.

  • Anyway, you should know there will be some side effects of the surgery, that is , you will be required not to touch water until they take the stiches out, that would take you about 8 days or so, just try to be careful. Anyway, you could try to gently wipe your face with a wet towel, but be careful.

  • Before you do the eye exam, you will be accepted to use the eye drops. Your blurry vision after the eye exam may be caused by your original eyes diseases that you have ignored. You'd better see the eye exam to find that whether you have the eyes problems. If you do, you'd better accept the treatment as soon as possible.

  • Even blind people can not sleep with their eyes open. If the eyelids do not close when people are sleeping, the bacteria will get into the eyeballs and corrode them, and then the corrosion will be transmitted to the nerves of the eyes, thus damaging the eyes. However, in some cases, some people will half open their eyes when they are asleep. There are mainly two reasons for it. First of all, these people have insufficiency of the spleen caused by disorder of diet, disorder of working and resting, or long time of disease. The other people who sleep with half open eyes may be born to sleep in this way. In this case, people should make sure that their sleeping environments are dar enough, and the darker, the better. Becuase the darkness can do less damage to the eyes when people are asleep. The function of eye opening and closing are completed by the extraocular muscles and mimetic muscles, especially through the shrinkage and relaxation of the levator palpabrae muscles and the orbicularis oculi muscle. If the nerves have very weak control to the muscles when people are sleeping, or if the orbicularis oculi muscles have low tension, or if the levator palpabrae muscles have weak contraction, it can be hard for the eyes to be closed completely. Some diseases can also lead to incomplete close of eyes, such as acute facial neuritis. If so, people should go to the doctor's as soon as possible in can that the conditions get worse.