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Professional Opticians Of Gadsden Inc

Professional Opticians Of Gadsden Inc

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234 S 3rd St
Gadsden,AL 35901

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234 S 3rd St Gadsden,AL 35901

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Professional Opticians Serving Gadsden and Northeast Alabama Since 1949. Where the Name Speaks for Itself Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, Eyeglass Repair, Budget to Designer Frames, Safety Eyewear, Sport Eyewear, & Sunglasses.ABO & NAO Certified



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Fax: (256) 543-0188


In Store Lens Fabrication,In Store Certified Optician At All Times,Huge Selections of Designer & Budget Frames,Huge Selection of Designer,Eye Glasses,Contacts,Contact Lenses,Contact Lens Fittings,Asdo

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  • Yes, people with glaucoma can wear sunglasses to help them protect the eyes from the uv rays in the strong sun lights. Usually the glaucoma is caused by the high blood pressure. If you get glaucoma, you could choose to wear the ray ban sunglasses with polarized function which could be used to wear during driving or fishing. Your eyes will feel so comfortable when you wear the ray ban sunglasses which could also make you look cool.

  • Ok, I can see that you just don't understand why a pair of prescription glasses cost you so much money. So, actually, the reasons might be over here. Perhaps you just walked into a large shopping center, where the cost might be much higher. Or perhaps the brand you chose is of great value. Generally speaking, you could get a pair of nice glasses at a local optical store, or Walmart vision center, where the cost could be quite affordable. Hope you find what you seek over there.

  • I stick with Prada sunglasses - without nose pieces. Gucci also works - again, avoid those little nose pinchers.

  • There are three steps to clean your half frame glasses. First, you should wash your glasses with water. Second, wash your glasses with mild sop solution or cleaning solution. Third, when you finish washing, use a soft cloth to clean the cover of the glasses. You should not use rough cloth or tissue to clean the glasses because that will leave trace on our glasses. At last, you can bring your glasses to the glasses store and ask specialist to clean them, which will make them cleaner. If you want to take good care of frame glasses, you should clean them at a regular time and put them in the glasses box when you finish using them. What’s more, use both your hands to wear or to take off.

  • It depends on the level of your recovery. As you have taken the surgery for just one week, it is not suggested to drive. The recover period of mild and moderate laser surgery is two weeks. For people suffering severe level myopia, recover period is about one month. Only after recover period, people are OK to most things which require good vision, such as driving. Since you are still in the period, you would better not go driving now. Even when you are out of the period, there are several notices you should pay attention to. Do not smoke or be too tired while driving. Open the window or turn on air conditioner to make sure the air is fresh. Use mild dipped highlight instead of high beam as the high beam is too dazzling.

  • There is no doubt that Tesco are still doing the Free sight test offer. My sister had one done at her local store in Reading. She said that she didn't even have to buy a pair of glasses as it was a stand-alone offer. great for people like me who like designer glasses! I can just take the prescription to my local opticians and get a decent frame without paying an extra £40 for the sight test.

  • One most common and negative effects of watching too much tv is influence of eye vision. When you are sitting in front of tv for a prolonged period, it makes your eyes to be fatigue easily. And the eye muscle are tired after watching objects for a prolonged period. Meanwhile, the myopia would come if you always watch too much tv. On the other side, you would stay in the coach without any movement or exercise, thus your head or shoulder would be tired as well, even it can make you overweight. What is more, image and color flickering affects function of heart, because the frequencies of flickering can correspond to the frequencies of the heartbeat, which support functioning of human heart and brain. It is especially dangerous for a human organism.

  • The answer is no, the bulging eyes are not hereditary. The bulging eyes stems from the too much water intake before the sleep or the damage from the outside punch. It's easy to solve the problem. You can use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. Besides, it's better for your to eat more food with vitamins and massage with some skin protection products, which can be helped to get rid of the bulging eyes. And the most essential and fast way is receiving a professional examination and eating some medicine to get this release.

  • As long as you like, you can wear them,too.I have seen many guys wearing transition glasses.

  • Since you have the little bit stick fluid in your eyes, your eyes may get infection because of the coming bacterium. You'd better use the water to wash the eyes clearly. Then you could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get the clear eyes. I strongly suggest you to go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes. Your eyes may get the infection which should be cured.