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885 S Governors Ave
Dover, DE 19904-4158

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  • I was told that the eyes are windows of heart. Not only mouth, but also eyes can talk. Many fashion guys are on fire for colored contact lenses. With different dress and makeup, they choose different contacts. For Orientals, grey makes your eyes blankness, blue looks like a foreigner, black do looks bigger, but false, while purple makes you somewhat sexy and Lolita. White people is suitable for any color because of the color of skin.

  • Yes, generally speaking, the intensive sun can definitely hurt our eyes by its UV light or other invisibly dangerous infra-red or ultra-violet radiation. We all play such trick as bring the sunshine to a focus by a magnifier to burn a paper or something like in our childhood. It is also true to our eye imaging. The light can form a focus in our retina so that we can get the information of objects, then transform that message into images. Well, when the light is too strong, retina will be burned. It may not present at once, instead the symptoms occur in few hours later. When you close your eyes, your pupil will keep opening. Once your open your eyes after facing the sun, your eyes keep opening and the light will flood into your eyes sensitive part more than before because your eyes can not react to the strange scene quickly and shrink their pupils. Then, you will have symptoms like seeing many small black spot in front of you, as well as dizziness. All in all, don’t do it, if you actually want, use goggles.

  • Nope, they are two different eye disorders. Myopia is also called nearsightedness, which is a common vision problem that could not see close objects clearly, and the far away objects would be blurred. A common sign of it is difficulty with the clarity of distant objects, like TV or cinema screen, the chalkboard. And astigmatism is another common vision problem that causes blurred vision due to the irregular shape of the cornea so that the vision becomes blurred at any distance. Most people have some degree of astigmatism, the slight astigmatism, like your situation usually do not affect vision and do not need treatment.

  • Sure, first, only usr them when you need them for reading closely held materials such as a books or newspapers. Second, put the reading materials at a comfortable distance from your eyes and assess the magnification. Third, limits your reading time to 20 to 30 minutes At last, pay attention to the eyestrain with your new reading glasses.

  • If your kids love winter sports or like to play outside in the snow, you'd better buy them a pair of ski googles. A good pair of ski goggles for kids can not only provide eye protection from the sun, but they help keep the eyes from drying out due to the cold wind. Try, and which offer many colorful ski goggles for kids. And they are much cheap and of good quality.

  • Generally speaking, a lasik surgery is intended for people who have got nearsightedness instead of for people who got double vision. As to double vision, which is another name for diplopia, if your double vision is caused by weak eye muscles or by a muscle which has been pinched as a result of injury, then a surgery, which is different from a lasik surgery, may help. If your double vision is caused by graves' disease, it is often curable with surgery or medical therapy, which is also different from a lasik surgery. If the double vision is caused blood sugar in diabetes, it can be controlled with medicines and insulin. Therefore, you should go to the doctor's to find out the exact cause of your double vision, so that you can apply the correspondent treatment.

  • there are many online stores selling bifocal lenses . When I decide to buy something online , I will check the time when they were founded , the daily visits for their shop the PR rank and the customers' review . Here are some stores I collect which sells good quailty in low price : Firmoo,Zennic , Coastal ,,Framedirect ,and eyebuydirect . hope these can help you ,

  • Well, it is normal to have this kind of symptom. So you don not need to worry about it. As we know that exposure to light after birth triggers the production of melanin in the iris of the eye. By three years of age, the eyes produce and store enough melanin to indicate their natural shade. While changes in eye color of infants are more common, even in adults, eye color changes are seen, most often as a result of exposure to the sun. Sunlight triggers melanin production in the eye, as it does to the skin. People with green eyes in the winter might develop darker, more hazel eyes if they spend more time outdoors.

  • There are any reasons that can causes eye allergies including the air, certain foods, bee stings, cosmetics and drug etc. You'd better know what causes the allergies of your eyes so as to treat it intentionally. However, if you have no idea what causes the eye allergies, you'd better adopt medicine treatments. There are some over-the -counter and prescription medications to help you. Besides, eye drops are also helpful to be used as eye washes. Anyway, the best nature "treatment" is to avoid any dangerous for eye allergies.

  • To avoid eye strain, you should take appropriate rest and control the time you use your eyes, for example, when you play computer games or watch TV, you should relax your eyes for ten to twenty minutes after an hour. What's more, you need to replenish water to your eyes to ensure that your eyes are lastingly moist, so you can drip some eye drops. In addition, you need to supplement essential vitamin and materials for your eyes, so you should take more coarse food grain such as maize, sorghum, millet, coarse cereals, fresh vegetables, potatoes, beans and fruits which contain plenty of vitamin, protein and fiber. Also, you can apply warm compress on your eyes, which will help reduce eye strain.