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13925 W Meeker Blvd Ste 19
Sun City, AZ 85375-4432

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  • To fade away black eyes quickly, you can use ice bag or tea bag to cover your black eyes for a minutes. And the best way to solve black eyes is relax yourself and have a good sleep. In fact, if you want to get rid of black eyeglasses, If you also get help from some cosmetics. Use BB cream, eye shadow and foundation to help you cover your black eyes and give you a nice look.

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  • Tea tree oil if sometimes used to treat a specific form of blepharitis caused by demodex.The treament focuses on the eyelids but if some gets in the eye, although it might be irritating, it is unlikely to lead to permanent vision loss. Most foreign substances contacting the eyes pose risks of infections, ph injuries (acid/base), or thermal injuries (temperature effects), other than the direct force effects involved.In general, ample irrigation without rubbing is a good start. If there is any question of injury (such as changes in vision, discomfort, increased or persistent redness) you should see an ophthalmologist soon!

  • There are many optical stores in Singapore that you can go to look for. I know one store in Singapore that has a amount of sunglasses and reasonable prices for your selection. The store is called "eyes at work" which is located in Millennia Walk, one of the malls near the Ritz-Carlton.

  • It is true that anemia often occurs in old times, but it still happens in modern society. Anemia is a medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal. Both the decrease in production of red blood cells or hemoglobin and the increase in loss or destruction of red blood cells are possible to lead to anemia. Symptoms are tired, fatigue easily, pale and hair loss, even heart problems. Not all eye problems are related to anemia included eye bags. However, eye sight can be affected by anemia indeed. Anemia affects eyesight deeply because of the normal value quantity of blood and oxygen cannot be reached. Blurred vision is usual described as see something unclear, which may also be caused by anemia.

  • Ok, it sounds really interesting! But you should know that paintball mask could make you unable to wear glasses, for there would be no spaces for a pair of glasses. However, my advice for you is to get a pair of contact lenses from a local optical store, those stuff could be compatible with paintball masks. Just enjoy yourself with them tomorrow. And of course try to make clean use of the lenses.

  • Ghosting is a possible side effect of lasik surgery. Normally, ghosting will occur during the six-month after accepting lasik surgery. Because lasik surgery change the corneal and make it become unnormal. With the development of technology, side effects of laisk surgery become less. More than 95% patients do not have this kind of problem. Generally speaking, within a certain period, ghosting will remit. If ghosting lasts than a several months, you can accept a second surgery. Less than 5% patients can not accept a second surgery. So do not be so worried about it.

  • As a matter of fact, according to some of his pictures, I can learn that the type of glasses he used to wear is called nerd eyeglasses. Personally speaking, I like it very much and they look perfect on Andrew. So, there are an awful lot of stores selling such kind of glasses frames. On general, their prices could be not that expensive. Maybe you can have a look at Ebay and Walmart vision center, where nerd glasses can be found with ease.

  • Yes, it is really bad for you to suffer the pinguecula which will last in your eyes with no disappearing symptom unless you do the surgery. Or else, it could just release for a while if you use the eye drops with anti-inflammation. You should keep notice of using your eyes and not sit in front of computers for a long time.

  • Eh, I just heard that massage could help puffy eyes. As we all known , bags under eyes and puffy eyes are owning to a build up of fluid around the eyes and they usually say hello to you in the morning. Massage often help people relax after a long time work and it can stimulate blood circles which can build a healthy and balance inner system. I think it is not massage that caused your puffy eyes, may be because of your tired work or eye problems. My friend told me that massage really does work on tired muscles and tired nerves. If one has puffy eyes after massage, the individual had better visit a doctor to get some advice. By the way, some home remedies to help puffy eyes. Firstly, the most healthy way is to eat some fresh fruits, which contains rich vitamins; secondly, massage the cream or oil around the eye area using your fingertips can reduce your puffiness.