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    1.Walmart Vision Center

    1380 W Elliot Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85284-1102

    Walmart Vision Center is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

    Optical stores in Tempe offer most discounted inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, both in single vision (SV) and bifocal or progressive lenses. Most optical shops in the Tempe have an adjacent independent optometrist's office for the convenience of the customers. Opticians in the stores will help determine your pupillary distance (PD) and fit glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other eyewear based on the prescriptions written by optometrists and eye doctors. Other staff members may guide you through the selection and try-on of glass frames to finalize your purchase...
  • 2.Sams Club

    1731 E Alameda Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85282-2769

    Sams Club is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.Camille Chung

    1445 W Elliot Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85284-1103

    Camille Chung is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.Desert Family Eye Care

    3200 S Rural Rd Ste 1
    Tempe, AZ 85282-3870

    Desert Family Eye Care is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Cigna Medical Group

    1920 E Baseline Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85283-1595

    Cigna Medical Group is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Tempe Eye Care Assoc

    7511 S Mcclintock Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85283-5041

    Tempe Eye Care Assoc is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Wal Mart

    1380 W Elliot Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85284-1102

    Wal Mart is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Ronald D Cox Md

    2139 E Southern Ave
    Tempe, AZ 85282-7503

    Ronald D Cox Md is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Doyle Holle Optometrist

    4015 S. McClintock Drive, Suite 107
    Tempe,AZ 85282

    Doyle Holle Optometrist is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Southwestern Eye Center

    6101 S Rural Rd Ste 115
    Tempe,AZ 85283

    Southwestern Eye Center is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

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    1.Doctors of Optometry

    Arizona MLS
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Doctors of Optometry is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

    In the Tempe, optometrists can be found in the vicinity of a chain optical retail store, or in an independent optometrist's office. Optometrists are trained to address both vision refractive errors and eye health. Many optometrists sell high-end eyeglasses and contact lenses in their practices with the most professional possible services in addition to performing eye exams and writing prescriptions. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (MD) in the eye care and vision health who perform eye exams, write prescription for eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, diagnose and treat eye diseases and carry out eye surgery. Ophthalmologist's responsibility is much beyond that of optometrist.
  • 2.Sanchez Vince G Optmtrst

    535 E Broadway Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Sanchez Vince G Optmtrst is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 3.Cox Ronald D MD

    2139 E Southern Ave
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Cox Ronald D MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 4.Dr. Brian Rose MD

    7571 S Willow Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85283

    Dr. Brian Rose MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 5.Lars J Carlson, OD

    3200 S Rural Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Lars J Carlson, OD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 6.Nationwide Vision Laser & Eye Centers

    933 E University Drive
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Nationwide Vision Laser & Eye Centers is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 7.Levine Kenneth M DO

    5410 S Lakeshore Drive
    Tempe, AZ 85283

    Levine Kenneth M DO is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 8.20/20 Image Eye Centers

    307 E Southern Ave
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    20/20 Image Eye Centers is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 9.Zmyslinski Eye & Contact Lens Center

    5000 S Arizona Mills Cir
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Zmyslinski Eye & Contact Lens Center is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 10.Lawrence M Irene & Associates Optometrists

    Arizona MLS
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Lawrence M Irene & Associates Optometrists is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

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  • I don't consider purple or violet as an eye color as it is a variation of blue eye color. So does grey. Grey eye color is also a variation of blue eye color. What makes blue eyes? There is no blue pimentation in blue eyes, but the blue color are due to the Rayleigh scattering just how the sky look blue. But green eye color is different as it has different type. Green eyes are dut to the mixture of the amber and light brown pigmentation. Therefore, I consider green as the least common eye color.

  • If you have a prescription in your lens, you'd better not get the rimless glasses because your lenses may crack when you put them into a rimless frame and if you want to choose the nice rimless glasses, your lenses are too thick for them.

  • If you have strong prescription, you'd better not get semi rimless glasses cuz the thick lenses can't be held sturdily by the frames.

  • Actually the night vision will be weaker than the day's vision. If you want to read the book in the room at night, the filament lamp could be useful. If you want to see outside, the green or red color will be suitable for you because they are sensitive which could let you see clearly. You should eat more food with vitamin A which will be good for your night vision.

  • That depends on your own condition. People who are under 40 with no other eye problems are unlikely to need reading glasses after they have lasik surgery for distant vision. While people who are over 40 are likely to need reading glasses several years after they have lasik surgery for distant vision. However, before you have lasik surgery, you should talk to your surgeon about the possibilities of getting reading glasses for presbyopia.

  • As I know, most business man likes to wear metal eyewear. Even though I do not know why but it seems a token of status. Rectangular metal glasses is a best choice for business man. I also highly recommended it and there is no other frames which are better suitable for business man.

  • Warm compress can't help you in this case. A blow on eyes can make the capillaries beneath skin broken and bleeding. The capillaries are very fragile, we all know that. The force on eyes could easily make them break. The blood congealed beneath will discolor the skin there, in this way bruise is formed. Warm compress will promote blood flow which makes it bleeding more. Right after the hit, you should apply some ice pad to stop the bleeding and pain. Apply this ice pad for 15 minutes each time. After 2-3 days, you can apply some warm compress now to help the blood circulation and reduce the blood stasis. Apply some tender massage around could help too.

  • In my opinion, colored contact lenses are not good for our eyes' health. And there are lots of stores selling colored contacts in poor quality. Therefore, I would suggest teenagers not wear colored contact lenses for the good health of their eyes. Instead, a pair of colorless contact lenses will be a better choice. If there are some situations you need or must wear the colored contact lenses, I think you should go to the formal glasses stores to buy some ones of good quality.

  • If you have the frame of the sunglasses at hand, you can take them to some optical shops. Some opticians may do that for you. But it will take a longer time. Besides, you must take the prescription with you too because they need to make the lenses according to your prescription. But if the opticians told you that the lenses will not totally fit for your frames and the glasses will be a little ugly in the end, you'd better give up that idea and buy a pair of new glasses. Good luck!

  • You can ask your eye doctor to recommend you some good surgeons and then you can visit them one by one to get more information about them. Check with their experience, certificate and skills. A good surgeon should be experienced enought to have many lasik surgeried. And I will remind you that a good surgeon should let you know all the risks and complications of the surgery. Good luck!