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Dr. Daniel Martinez, OD

Dr. Daniel Martinez, OD

(626) 960-8655

Category: Eye Doctor

14319 Ramona Blvd Baldwin Park, CA 91706

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General Impression:

Yesterday 9/24/14 was my 5yr olds first time going to a Eye Dr. and it was horrible. The Dr walked into the exam room didn't even introduce himself, and went straight to work on my son. He started showing my son different letters in different sizes (small, large) Now mind you he is Five Years Old, so he was getting his letters a little mixed up and he was having trouble seeing the letters from a far distance. So the Dr asked me if he knows his letters and I said, Yes! So he went on to show my son some more letters, then asks my son if he knows his letters and he said, Yes! So the Dr shakes his head and said, "Idk why kids have to lie about knowing there Alphabets, why cant they just tell the truth and say they don't know them I hate when kids lie." I was in shock and speechless. I'm a Bitch, but this was my sons first visit ever and he was in the room so I stayed quiet and let him do his thing got the prescription and told the receptionist in front of there other customers what the Dr did and to throw away all of my sons info out don't call me. I was heated! I will never return and I will Never Ever recommend anyone to this Dr.

09/25/2014 BY vanessa caldera

General Impression:

I have been going to Dr. Martinez for probably 20 years. He has always been very good to me. Prices are very fair. Im sorry to hear all the negative comments below. I recommend Dr. Martinez to everyone. He and the staff is always nice to me and my family.

Ginger Smith

07/12/2013 BY Ginger smith

General Impression:

I thought the office staff was very pleasant and the place very clean. Dr. Martinez however does not have the best bedside manner. he is not very friendly and does not explain things very well to the customer. he made me feel like an idiot when I asked him a question about the glasses, responding with a smart remark and "I already told you" attitude. I was in a hurry to get glasses in an office that was close to me but I guess it is my fault for not researching beforehand. I would not recommend him to anyone.


General Impression:

The only reason I decided to see this optomistrist is because the vision plan I have allows me to get one pair of frames a year for free; if it wasn't because of that I would just stick with going to kaiser. The red haired woman that works there is rude as hell. She likes to act like she is a doctor, but should stick to her job as the RECEPTIONIST. If I really had wanted to hear her medical opinion I would have asked for it. I had got my prescription done at Kaiser.I trust my doctor with the advice that she gave me for my eyes such as taking a break from wearing my glasses, or not using them while on the computer, but this receptionist totally insulted me saying that I should have them on all the time because I am pretty much blind. Needless to say the glasses I wear are only for seeing things far away do why would I need to wear them all the time?! I can see close up! This woman argued with me!! So rude. Anyways I would not recommend this optomistrist at all. You'd be better off going to Walmart and getting your glasses there.

06/18/2012 BY Chesca

General Impression:

My 85 year-old mother with Medi-Cal visited this Dr. Daniel Martinez's office. She was told that she needed catarac surgery and glasses. The office refused to give her a perscription for her glasses, until Medi-Cal paid for the office visit. The office did not tell my mother before seeing her, nor did they give her the option to pay, before turning her away and making her feel bad!

I called the office and the phone attendant said that was the office policy, she is only and office worker and she would have the Dr. call me back.

Dr. Martinez called me back, said that's office policy and that Medi-Cal is awful! I asked him if they made it clear before they saw her and he asked "did she ask?" Really?!! I told him that that was awful, they were rude and disrespectful and he said "that is our office policy and we treat everyone the same way!" I told him it was not acceptable the way he treated my mother and let him know that that was poor service! He could care less, said he would let us know as soon as medi-cal replied (3-4 weeks) And said we can pay the bill and he'd give her the perscription. Really???!!! He said everyone is treated like a cash patient!

Dr. Daniel Martinez - YOU DON'T GET IT!!! Be up front and honest with your patients!!! My mother has been going to him for many years and that meant nothing. He said he would remove her from his database.

02/25/2011 BY Maci

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