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14709 Lakeshore Dr
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  • Pink eye is the inflammation of conjunctivitis, which is the transparent protective covering on eyeballs and inside of eyelids. The infllamation would give patients red and watery eyes, strong foreign body sensation, blurry vision and pain in eyes. So I think it is very possible for patients to feel tired if they still work with pink eyes. Because it makes them very uncomfortable and it requires more focusing power due to the blurry vision. I think you should have more rest because pink eye is very sensative to light. Apply some warm compress to sooth your eyes and help recovery.

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  • Eye vision is one of the most important things for human beings. No one wants to be blindness and myopia. So many foods and medicines to be found to protect eye sight. Well, vitamin A is one of them. Vitamin A is a group of nutritionally unsaturated hydrocarbons, which include retinol, retinal, retinoic acid and several provitamin A carotenoids. Vitamin A has multiple functions, it is important for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system and good vision. Vitamin A supplements can be taken from oranges, potatoes and many fresh fruits and vegetables. Personally, black tea is also good to brighten eyes and protect myopia.

  • Yes, it actually works because it can shrink the tiny vessels and make the skin around the eyes feel better. If you rub your eyes several times, stay up for working to meet the deadline, get a bad sleep, amd sometimes drink too many fluids before you go to bed can definitely cause bags under your eyes. Further, a bad cold have the same impact. I mean, your higher eye pressure lead to puffy eyes due to the inevitable nasal congestion. As a result, both of them can block the blood circulation and dialate the vessels, which is the main culprit of the puffy eyes. In order to unobstructe the blood, it is essential to do something to irritate the vessels, I mean, vasoconstriction, relieving the vessels expanding in and around eyes. That is why your cold spoon is so effective to get rid of puffy eyes.

  • No, you should not wear contact lenses while surfing. Sea water can create one kind of organism which is called acanthamoeba. The acanthamoeba can make your eyes infected easily. And wearing contact lenses when surfing in water will let your eyes hurt and infected. So when you go surfing, you'd better not wear contact lenses. I think you can wear some special glasses which are designed for swimming and surfing. At the same time, after you have surfed from the sea, you should wash your eyes as soon as possible so that it will not let some dirty thing invade into your eyes.

  • This condition occurs when eyes doesn't produce enough tears. you also may feel fatigue and could suffer from lack of sleep. Recommend the following suggestions:1, Do not rub your itchy eyes. 2. do not put tap water in your eyes. Artificial tears can help lubricate the eyes and provide some relief. 3. Applying a cool or cold compress to your eyes. This should give some relief.4. If your itchy eyes persist, you can consult your doctor about prescribing eye drops. 5.Considering purchasing computer glasses. adults often have some kind of digital eye strain as a result of using digital devices for hours at a time. computer eyewear could alleviate or prevent digital eyestrain.

  • Well, it seems that your eyes have just got some lasik surgery, which could help you regain your vision and get rid of those glasses. However, after the surgery, we will be asked to be very careful for a period of time, and we are not allowed to drink within 3 weeks or more. Of course it is dangerous for you to risk drinking right after the surgery, leading to some serious consequences. Just be careful and follow the doctor's advice.

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  • Most sticky eye can be treated at home. Use a cotton ball dampened in saline solution to wipe your child's eye gently from the inner corner to the outer corner. Use a new dampened cotton ball for each wipe. Once you have bathed the eye open, use a dry cotton ball to dry it, from the inner corner to the outer corner, the same way you bathed it. You may need to do this each time you feed your baby if their sticky eye is severe. Sticky eye caused by bacteria will probably need to be treated with antibiotic eye drops. Your doctor will also be able to show you how to massage the tear duct to help the tears drain away rather than accumulate.If your baby's sticky eye gets worse or doesn't get better with at-home treatment, call your doctor, as this could be a sign that their sticky eye is the result of a bacterial infection and may need antibiotic treatment.