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Eastgate Optometry Care

Eastgate Optometry Care


Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

11893 Valley View Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845-1236

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  • About Eastgate Optometry Care

Welcome to Eastgate Optometry Care! Our goal is to bring you the latest in vision technology with fast friendly service. We have all your eye care needs in one location. We have many services to help you get what you want out of your vision as well. Our specialty is in corneal reshaping therapy, pediatric and children exams, sport vision performance, and many others. Come by and see our beautifully design office with many frame selection and appointment availability.

Eye exams, contact lens exam, red eyes evaluation, corneal reshaping therapy, vision therapy, pediatric exams, dilated exams, glaucoma screenings, sports vision, cataract co-management, lasik co-management, color and cosmetic contacts, and color vision testing.

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  • The warm water may be disrupting bacteria in your eye to cause the pink eyes.

  • You might find the answer to your question here.


  • Generally speaking, the average pupillary distance of adult females is from 58mm to 62mm. There are three kinds of pupillary distance and all of them have to be measured, including the distance PD, near PD. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, you should have your pupillary distance measured when you are buying eyeglasses for vision correction. If your pupillary distance is wrongly measured, then you will feel your eyes very uncomfortable and your eyesight even worse in spite of good eye glasses with accurate prescription. When you are buying eyeglasses, the doctor will measure your pupillary distance for you, and you do not have to do it yourself. But if you would like to measure it by yourself first, you can refer to the following website to have a test. But you had better go to the standard shop or hospital to make sure to get a accurate pupillary distance. Besides, the another website in the below is also for you if you want to have a look at the eyeglasses of different kinds.

  • I usually get mine from this shop Trendy fashionable frames at very affordable cost. And oh! Quality is really great. You can go there to have a try.

  • It is fine if you use them as disposables for necessary occasions, that is to say, you use them once and then throw them away. However, it could cause eye irritation or allergic reaction. False eyelashes are a hygiene risk because they trap dirt and bacteria on the eyelids. Natural eyelashes are very important as they protect the eyes from dust, sweat and foreign materials. However, unhygienic and substandard false eyelashes can spread infection to the most sensitive parts of the pupils.

  • It seems you may get some eye disorder in recent days. And there are several reasons that can cause this problems. For example, if you have a dry eyes or allergies, or you wearing improper prescription eyeglasses. To know what's going on of your eyes, you'd better see a specialist or your family Dr instead of ask people online. I believe your family Dr will know better than what other people do.

  • If you stop using your eyes in front of the computers for a long time with little rest and keep the good diet and sleep habit, you may get rid of the dryness of the eyes and let the eyes get recovery by themselves. If not, you need to use some home remedies. Besides the eyes drops, you could use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.

  • It's definitely dangerous to share makeup with those who has pink eyes. As we all know ,pink eyes is contagious,it can make other people's eyes get infection by contact. If you have already done that,I have to say,you are most likely to get infection.But there still be some remedies for you. You need to use some specific eye drops to clean your eyes immediately,what's more,never use those makeup again,in addition,wash your eyes with pure water frequently. I hope you won't be infected,good luck.

  • Yes, poppers does cause many eye problems including blurred vision, sore eyes, and even vision loss. When you opened the bottle of poppers, the vapors from it are inhaled by you and makes a rush in you. But that's temporary. It is reported that some patients have damages on their the foveal receptor which is a small part of your rectina helps to detailed images. You can avoid your eyes from being touched by the vapor or replace poppers with other drugs.