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15785 Laguna Canyon Rd
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  • instead of cucumbers can i put pickles on my eyes?

  • Ok, I can see you are worrying about the possibility that dandruff would give rise to red eyes, but shall I remind you that dandruff actually does not affect your eyes, at least according to the vast majority of cases. Because red eyes is primarily resulted from bad use of your eyes or work stress or dry eyes, etc. So, just try to take it easy. Perhaps your anxiety would lead to red eyes. Just try to pay attention to your diet and get more exercises, and make proper use of your eyes.

  • There are several reasons to cause you headache such as wrong prescription, unsuitable lenses color and the design of sunglasses. If you make sure the prescription of the sunglasses are accurate but feel headache. You'd better buy another new pair of prescription sunglasses instead. Be good to your eyes, wearing prescription sunglasses that can give you clear vision and comfortable vision.

  • Well, yes, in my opinion, liver problems can lead to eye floaters. Maybe you have heard that red eyes are a symptom of a liver problem which is known as cirrhosis. But on the other hand, you should know that liver problems can also lead to some other eye problems. For example, it may lead to eye floaters. And eye floaters may be harmless. But it can be a sign of eye problem too. By the way, puffy eyes can be possible too. And when eye floaters in your eyes occur, in my opinion, you can eat as many water and vitamin rich vegetables as possible. Also, trying some ways to make your eyes have enough breath, and it can be effective. Of course, try to cure the liver problems, and that is the most important factor.

  • You should go to see your doctor and he will check your eyes. If your watery eyes are caused by tear duct that leaks regually, your doctor will recommend you to have surgery. It just depends on what caused your watery eyes. So check with your doctor.

  • The lens tint is the colour used to darken what you see when you look through a lens. Once you have been wearing a pair of goggles for a few minutes you generally won't notice the tint any more, but its effects are still there. Different lens tints are better for different weather conditions, some colours make it easier to see definition in the snow when it's low or flat light, and other colours are better at reducing glare from the snow when it's sunny. Lenses that are good in low light generally have a lighter tint and a higher VLT (visible light transmission), whereas lenses that are better in strong sunlight generally have a darker tint and lower VLT. On most goggles the lens can be changed easily, so if money is not such an object or you are a very keen skier, you might have a different lens for each weather condition. Below is a rough guide to lens tints for different conditions: Overcast / Snowing - Yellow, Rose Sunny - Orange, Gold, Blue, Grey Allround - Amber, Rose Night Skiing - Clear

  • Just search it in Google. You may also search some cheap rayban aviator sunglasses at But to be safe, you'd better buy them from But it is still a little expensive. And i just search out. I find offer brands sunglasses at affordable prices. You may have a look. Maybe you can find it at that sites. Hope this help.

  • In general, the relationship between alcohol intake and macular degeneration needs further investigation. Taking alcohol may play a role in the development of macular degeneration. However, it is not obviously connected with the risk of getting a macular degeneration. Actually macular degeneration is the common cause of blindness in the elderly. As a matter of fact, taking foods rich in certain carotenoids, in particular dark green, vegetables, may decrease the risk of developing macular degeneration. So a healthy and balanced diet is of much importance in avoiding macular degeneration.

  • At first, you need to head back to the store to ensure the eyeglasses is matched correctly. I mean, the pupillary distance, frame size and even the influence of special coating, especially when you have different eye prescription for each eye. Sometimes, tiny differences are difficult to recognized at the moment. However it will ultimately occur as time goes because our eyes try to correct the error by themselves. Secondly, if it is alright, what you need to do must be to learn to live with the eyeglasses and ignore the “blurry vision”, which may just be a psychological effect. Well, I have matched a new glasses due to the deeper prescription last month and I experienced the same thing. Then my doctor adjusted the eyeglasses and told me that the new glasses make the vision lighter so that I need a period to adapt to it. So, do not worry, it will be normal in near future and if not, well, you may need to thoroughly check your eyes due to the possibilities of other eye problems.

  • As a matter of fact, despite the fact that ears and nose are closely connected and they are both head organs. However, eye drops are designed to relieve some uncomfortable feelings of our eyes. They basically cannot do anything about your ear infection. My advice for you is to head directly to a hospital and find out what happened to your ears before it is too late. Anyway, the eye drop cannot cure ear problems.