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24200 Laguna Hills Mall,
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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  • When you are purchasing solution for contacts,it is not always better to choose one with stronger Antivirus ability.It is good to kill all the bacteria, but it should not hurt the bacteria groups in your eyes. The ecosystem in your eyes should keep balance. Otherwise the cells may get damaged.

  • We can not say which is better for you, because both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the metal sunglasses, you should know that they are more durable and tend to be of higher quality. But they are often a little heavier than plastic ones. On the other hand, plastic sunglasses are a little bit lighter and they can have a lot of styles and colors which can meet your own needs better. So it all depends on your own choice. But you'd better know that which types can fit you s the most important part of your selection.

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  • A lot of reason will lead to sore eyes, including conjunctivitis, keratinize and so on. If the inflection is the main reason for your sore eyes, you can choose some antimicrobial drops like norfloxacin eye drops. But if you just overuse your eyes to fatigue, you should let your eyes have a rest and meanwhile using some antifatigue drops which you can find easily in pharmacy.

  • No, you had better not to do that. As we all known, costume contact lenses is a kind of non-prescription lenses that are mainly used for special occasions like moive, opera. In general, this kind of lens are colorful except the center is clear due to it is used for decorating eyes, not for correcting visiion. The lenses are directly touching your retina, thus they are suitable for wearing for a certain of period. Otherwise, the color on the surface of lenses would cause eye infection or irritation. That is to say, the costume contact lenses are not suitable for repeating usage.

  • Actually this is not for sure, darker colour or lighter colour is not the key condition to block the harmful ray but just the colour of the lens, and the material of lens is also important, depends on its quality, you should check and make sure if the lens are qualified, not just focus on the colour dark enough or not, if too dark, they may make it difficult for you to see things clear and cause visual fatigue.

  • The most common symptom of myopia is poor vision. People noticed that they feel difficult to see far but they can see close thing clearly, they may have myopia. Usually, If you have to squint their eyes so as to see far, but easy to read a book, you'd better take a eye exam. Maybe it is caused by myopia. Besides, people with myopia are often to feel eye strain or headache after read book for a while.

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  • It's not true! The pressure in cabin has been set to fit for people's body. Only when the Plane land or take off that is the time plane will adjustment cabin pressure. So, the pressure in cabin won't harm the people's eyes. But in fact, not all people who are suitable for flying. Those person who have heart disease, hypertension or tympanitis must pay more attention.

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