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808 N Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90012

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If I can give him zero rating, I will. He is a liar. I went his Alhambra office for IPL laser treatment because my previous doctor's IPL machine is broken. (My first visit to his office) I have been getting IPL since 2009, liked the results so I keep my monthly IPL maintenance.
When I got to his room and found the machine is so outdated (maybe more than 10 years ago technology) and asked him if his is sure this is what he so called IPL treatment? His answer is "of course, my machine is newest one". Then, he gave me five minutes treatment (with no numbing cream not air cooling) with a big piece of hand piece touched 10 time on your face. Then it is done. For the people who has IPL before knows how IPL works and how long it takes for one treatment. Five minutes?
By the way, he is an ophthalmologist; he claimed that he is a plastic surgeon on the Chinese Yellow-Page (Los Angeles).
I have submitted a claim for this service for unprofessional conduct through Medical Board of California. I want to speak out for all his potential Chinese victims. (Chinese usually do not where and how to submit a compliant) I called him let me know I want to get my money back and it is pretty awful of lying to his customers. He got pissed off and hung up on me. So please, please do go him for his so called skin care laser treatment.

06/24/2013 BY jino Lok

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  • Yes, It is safe to wear your glasses, it seems that your eyes looks a little better see the doctor right now. Good luck

  • Nearly every online shop offer the lenses that cover intermediate and close range. However, I do not know if there is a online shop which ONLY offer lenses covering intermediate and close ranges.

  • Well, it seems that your eyes are not in good conditions. So, as far as I know, the most common symptoms of an eye inflammation consists of the following, such as watery eyes, itchy feelings, red eyes, bloodshot eyes, as well as excessive eye discharge. Anyway, as long as you have these symptoms in the same time, you are probably having an eye inflammation. Good luck.

  • We all know that after crying our eyes can be swelling. But why? Because Tears contains tannic acid which can stimulate our eyes (or more specifically, eyelid ). Crying not also can increase intraocular pressure, but also cause eye discomfort. Tears are salty. So sometimes we eat too salty vegetable can also cause eye puffiness.

  • No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses when you have the ocular rosacea which may let the ocular rosacea be more serious. A few pathology with conjunctivitis,marginal blepharitis and corneal vascularization cause the ocular rosacea. If your cause of ocular rosacea is the corneal vasculariztion, you must not wear the contact lenses which will be worn directly on the surface of the eye balls. Wearing the contact lenses will make you lose water quickly at the eyes. You could even get the infection or inflammation because of the invisible bacterium. What's worse, the corneal will be damaged because of the not enough breathe through. Before you want to wear the contact lenses, you'd better go to the professional eyeglasses store to have the eyes exam to see whether you could wear the contact lenses. Then you could have a clear understanding.

  • Usually we can tell whether we have an eye infection or not from some symptoms of our eyes. But eye infection is very common and in many cases eye infection will go over on its own for few days without any special treatment. The most common symptoms are red and itching eyes, watery eyes, dry and puffy eyes. If you have some of them, you may have an eye infection.

  • It seems very probably to get eye pain because of the high eye pressure. As a matter of face, the high eye pressure is caused by an imbalance between the production and drainage of fluid in the eye. When the channels that are used to drain the fluid are blocked, more fluid is keeping in the eye owing to the failure of draining. Hence, there is a increased amount of fluid inside the eye that cause the high eye pressure. It could give rise to not only eye pain but also acute pain, red and swollen eyes, headache even a blindness. The only way to drastically cure it is receive a professional treatment. But at the same time, as a auxiliary method, you might as well try some yoga. Hope these can help.

  • I think these information would be helpful for you. will find the information you need.

  • Watery eyes are tears keeping draining from eyes and tears help keep the surface of the eye moist. Dry eyes, clogged tear ducts and conjunctivitis are all causes of watery eyes. If you have no these eye problems and symptoms, then you may consider the factors that cause eye keep watering are environmental irritants, such as chemicals, hot wind, bright light and cosmetics. Well, I guess your eyes keep watering is possible because of your eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. These things may allergic. Your skin, especially your eyes are not suitable for brands of cosmetics that you are applying. The best thing to do is wash them with warm and clean water. And then drop some basic drops, next close your eyes to stay fit. If these solutions do not work, please call a doctor for help, oculist is much better, I think so. Keep easy, you'll be okay.

  • Unfortunately, there is no research shows lutein have any known effects in treating dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye disorder that make your eye feel discomfort and irritation. Maybe your eyes appear red and light sensitivity. Although lutein is necessary and important for eye health, dry eye could be caused not by lack of lutein. You should consult eye doctor about supplements to treat your dry eyes.