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  • To remove the faint smudges may damage your anti-glare coating. So you should be careful when you remove the faint smudges from the anti-glare glasses lens. You can go to get specialized sprays from opticians or other suppliers. Then use the spray and a microfibre cloth to polish the smudges.

  • Of course people always have a reasons if they choose to wear them.In terms of me,I really think black thick framed glasses r very popular and fashionable.U know what?Nerd glasses r always my favourite and what I am wearing now r actually quite amazing nerd glasses,that is why I strongly want to recommend this to u.I also know a lot of people that who don't need prescription but still wear fashion nerd glasses.

  • From what I can see, you are suffering a great deal from your optic neuritis, which may results in great drop in your vision and make your visual capacity terrible. And generally speaking, it is not to be cured on a through basis. You could only try to relieve it and minimize its effects on your eyes. Just try to get positive medical treatment and take care of your life and healthy in every facet.

  • There are some types of contact lens insertion tools. Choosing the correct type of contact lens insertion tools will help you put the contact lenses easily and quickly. There is a insertion tool for stiff lenses which is used to remove stiff or gas permeable contact lenses. Another tool is used for flexible or soft lenses. There are also some types of contact lenses known as special types that need exceptional insertion devices. So you should firstly make sure what kind of tools you want to use. Generally speaking, you need to wash you hand with soap and then use your tool to pick up the lens to inert into your eyes.

  • Allergies are very annoying and can easily make one moody or spoil one's day. Luckily, it can be treated with eye drops. Of course, you shall choose eye drops properly when your get eye allergies. For example, if you feel eye strained, eye dry, and itchy eyes caused by allergies, you can use over-the counter items. Nevertheless, you can consult your eye doctor what kind of eye drops are best for you.

  • Blurred vision refers to a lack of sharpness of vision resulting in the inability to see fine detail. If you do not have any vision problems such as farsightedness or nearsightedness, it maybe caused by migraine or stroke. However, regarding to your question, you do not have got your head stroke or any migraine, so I think it may be caused by Retinal vein occlusion, If the blood vessels that feed the retina (the focusing surface at the back of the eye) become blocked, it is known as a retinal vein occlusion. This can cause sudden blurred vision, and also sudden blindness. Please do not worry, your condition is just temporary, it will be better soon.

  • Hello, sinus infections will not directly lead to broken blood vessels eyes and cause the surface bleeding on the eye. What you mean may be the symptoms of subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is the bleeding on the eye. The looking can be very scary, but it's not a serious problem. This kind of problem often tends to happen after frequent sneezing, coughing, and rubbing the eye. What' more, high blood pressure or blood thinning medicines can also be the reason.

  • You can also try Sam's Club.It is quite cheap if you are one of the members. Walmart is also a cheap to get cute glasses.

  • You can not get a pair of eyewear with your expired prescription, because your vision may has been changed. If you wear a pair of eyeglasses with your expired prescription, it will damage or hurt your eyes.

  • You can wear a pair of safety glasses to shield your eyes when you work. As the name implies, safety glasses are made for protecting the eyes from injuries in some environments. Most people may think that safety glasses are made for athletes in sports activities. In fact, there are also safety glasses that applied to people who work in a certain condition. So, get yourself a pair of safety glasses to keep your eyes away from hazardous chemicals.