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  • The individual who get eye chalazion may swell on the eyelid and sensitivity to light, some even have excessive tearing. Eye chalazion is really a terrible disease that can make your appearance ugly and destroy your good mood. Eye chalazion often lasts almost two years without any medical treatment. So if you really get eye chalazion, please ask a doctor for help as soon as possible. Here are some home remedies that may help you. Firstly, apply warm towel on your eyelids for five to ten minutes, every four times a day that can reduce your swelling; secondly, a prescription for antibiotic eye drops or ointments if a bacterial infection is suspected to be present; thirdly, do not rub or scratch the chalazion in order to avoid future infection. However, if these ways do not work and your chalazion still lasts for several weeks, then it's time to visit a doctor and bring a note from him/her.

  • Since you are new to wear contact lenses. It is better for you to cut your nails to avoid the injury of your cornea while wearing contact lenses. Maybe it will take 1 month for you to get used to wear it. Once you get used to wear it, you do not need to cut your nails then. Hope this helpful.

  • Smoking can harm your overall body health and bring you severe diseases. Actually, smoking also affects your eyes. Smoke from the cigarette will make your eyes sore or watery. The particles from the smoke can also irritate your eyes and your eyes itchy sensation and inflammation. However, smoking can cause further damages to your eyes. There are delicate blood vessels in your eyes that transport oxygen and nutrients, which maintain the normal function of your eyes. But smoke from cigarette will damage the delicate eye blood vessels and makes them itchy and look bloodshot. The smoke is toxic and can threaten any part of your body including your eyes. Age related macular degeneration, cataracts and optic neuropathy are usually the side effects of smoking on eyes. If you already have eye problem, smoking will deteriorate it and eventually lead to permanent blindness.

  • So far, i noticed that zac efron worn aviator sunglasses in black lenses or brown lenses. Personally, i think wearing sunglasses make him look more mature and man. Also, it is handsome and cool. And such aviator style sunglasses is very common that you can find it almost in every glasses shop. But i would like to recommend you to buy at ray ban which is a famous brand of provide cool aviator sunglasses. Good luck.

  • Shopko provides customers with quality merchandise and services from 1962. It focuses on customer lifestyles and satisfies customers' needs for various areas, including eye health. The Shopko eyecare centers provide complete eye care services, which include eye exams, contact lens fitting and diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. In general, when you go to Shopko eyecare centers, the office visit fee is about 60 USD, and the cost of glasses and contacts would be at least 150 USD.

  • It can be dangerous to sleep in contacts. If you sleep in contacts accidently, you can apply some artificial tears to flush your eyes. Besides, you need to drink more water. This can help lubricate your eyes and relieve red and dry eye symptoms. If you can't take off your contacts immediately, you must calm down and drink more water and flush your eyes with artificial tears again and again. You can take off the contacts easily after your eyes can produce enough water. Don't try to take off contacts by force because that will cause great damages.

  • As we know, with the age growing, our skin will easily lose the collagen which takes the role of tightening. It is the age problem that causes the eye wrinkles in a common way. However, this is not the only reason for people with wrinkles. Such as lacking of sleep or the pull in the eye muscles. And there are various ways to relieve this symptom. Get enough rest, keep health diet, keep away from the radiation from TV and computer as far as possible. Neverthless, in my opinion, the best treatment is massaging it gently on the skin around eyes which are the very sensitive areas with essential oil, which has strong permeable layer ability and can provide vitamin E to skin cell effectively. If you keep above measures everyday, I promise you will see the difference. Thanks.

  • It's possible to cause dry eyes because of eczema. I see that eczema is an inflammation of eyelids or skin around eyes. Eye eczema can causes red eyes, dry eye and eye pain indeed. What's worse, serious eczema may lead to pink eye because of infection. But why does the individual feel eye dry after getting eye eczema? That's because glands around eyes cannot produce enough tears or quality tears. So eye dry may follow you if you get eye eczema. By the way, eye eczema is horrible because of its places. Let us think that every day you get outside with big, red and numerous eczema in eyelids, don't you still consider you are beautiful? Well, at least, I won't. By the way, avoiding roll or scratching your injured places and drop some basic drops under the doctor's instruction. Don't use any facial cream or eye cream until you're fine, or further infection may occur.

  • Well,in terms of this situation,u might as well try to get ur eyes watery.U may don't know that watery eyes can prevent ur eyes from blinking very soon and effectively.However,although this is very useful,watery eyes can also make u feel uncomfortable.There is also another good way,that is,u can just look at somewhere else instead of looking at the camera.U know,the only reason that u will blink ur eyes when taking pictures is cuz that the flash of ur camera can hurt ur eyes quite easily.

  • Dark circles indeed make people look tired and old. There are many kinds of oil you can adapt, for example, wheat germ oil, vitamin E oil and so on. All of these oil are believed to be very good nutrition for skin. But poor sleeping is the number 1 in the list of causes of dark circles. My suggestion is that go to bed and fall in deep sleep every day before 11:00 pm. Sleeping is very important for skin. Change your living habit and you will see the function is amazing. If you use some oil to enhance the effect, you should do massage with it. Softly and slowly massage the skin around eyes. It can help blood circulations around eyes and speed up the renewing process. Hope you find this helpful.