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  • Castor oil is eatable oil with lots of functions. For medical usage, it can used in constipation relief, inflammation treatment, and even labor induction. Castor oil can also be effective in treating dry eyes. Many artificial tears contain castor oil. Castor oil alone may treat dry eyes better than the marketed eye drops. Use a clean dropper, wash it thoroughly with soapy water, and rinse well. Suck 100-percent pure castor oil into the clean dropper. Drop one drop of oil into each eye three times per day.

  • Hello, I think lazy eyes are acceptable and they are not ugly at all. We are different and some of us are very attractive, some are not. Anyhow, a lazy eye doesn't always turn in or out, it just not a big deal. Your lazy eyes are even not be noticed by other if you are attractive enough. But if you are pretty and you honestly don't look like you have a lazy you can go to hospital and have some treatment!

  • In reality, getting crusty at night is a signal of seriously being short of water in your body. Besides, the immune system in your body decreases which indirectly cause the disorder of eye nerves. When you are sleeping at night, your eyes gland tear system may get pressure from the bad physique and excrete the dirty things which coming into the eyes. However, the gum in the eyes may become the sediment. Therefore, it's quite normal that you find that the eyes get crusty at night. In view of this situation, you'd better drink the hot water to open the throat system which may indirectly affect the eye nerves. What's more, you should eat the food with vitamin C during this time to moisture your eyes. Keep in mind that neither staying up late at night nor using air conditional all the time, or else your eyes may get even more dry.

  • As a matter of fact, I quite understand your concern for you really care about your eye health. From my perspective, I would say, dandruff would not lead to damages to your eyes unless you directly put dandruff into your eyes, but that is impossible right? And since there is little connections between eyes and dandruff, you just need to take it easy. And try to avoid some other irritation sources to your eyes.

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  • At the back of the eye on the retina, there are two types of photoreceptors (cells which detect light). Cones deal with colour and fine detail and act in bright light, while rods deal with vision in low-light situations. In the first few minutes of moving into a dark room, cones are responsible for vision but provide a poor picture. Once the rods become more active (they are initially slow to react), they take over and create a much better picture in poor light. Once you move back into light, the rods are reset and so dark-adaption will take a few moments again.

  • As far as I know, it is ture that camellia oil is helpful to relieve dark circles. However, you should use it in a right way. The right method to wipe camellia oil or eye cream is that flipping your lower eyelid with your fingers gently just like playing the piano. What's more, you should use just a little every time or overmuch oil may cause fat granule.

  • Of course not. As we all know, at present the water in the ocean are polluted seriously because of a surge of development .Moreover, the water in the ocean contains significant amounts of dissolved salts and bacterium which will do harm to our eyes. In that case, our eyes may be infected or we will get sore eyes. So I advise you to wear goggles and not to open your eyes in the ocean.

  • It is hard to say because different people prefer different styles of sunglasses. Some styles of sunglasses do look awesome on some people, but they look ugly on some other people. So to find the awesome sunglasses that are suitable for you, you should go to optical stores to try different styles of sunglasses and pick out the best one that can look awesome on you. As far as I am concered, cat eye sunglasses are best for women.