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Doheny Eye Center UCLA - Pasadena

Doheny Eye Center UCLA - Pasadena

(626) 817-4747

Category: Eye Doctor

625 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

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  • If a laundry detergent accidentally get into your eyes, it will make your eyes sting but will not harm your eyes. However, you need to flush your eyes with water. Flush your eye with water. Use clean, lukewarm tap water for at least 20 minutes. Use whichever of these approaches is quickest.Get into the shower and aim a gentle stream of water on your forehead over your affected eye. Or direct the stream on the bridge of your nose if both eyes are affected. Hold the lids of your affected eye or eyes open.Put your head down and turn it to the side. Then hold the lids of your affected eye open under a gently running faucet. If you have access to a work site eye-rinse station, use it.

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  • Diabetes can cause glaucoma. The possibility of people with diabetes is three times of ordinary people for having glaucoma. The glaucoma caused by diabetes is neovascular glaucoma, which is caused by iris neovascularization, it is different from the general glaucoma, the treatment is more difficult. Diabetic retinopathy is a process, you must strictly control the blood sugar, or else just eye treatment has not good effect.

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  • Good artificial eye drops will relieve your tired eyes. Try Systane, Refresh, Optive, Theratears, or generic visene which will help you relieve your eye strain.

  • The mechanism of action of Demerol is smooth muscle contraction. It causes contraction of all the visceral smooth muscles like intestinal smooth muscle contraction leading to constipation. In the eye, it causes contraction of the sphincter pupillae. When the muscle contracts due to Demerol, it shortens in length. Thus causing pupillary dilatation.Hope this is clear to you now.

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  • Usually, the cost of refractive or laser eye surgery not covered by health insurance. Because most of health insurance companies consider it cosmetic and not medically necessary since the surgery is usually an elective surgery. But some insurance companies that may offer a vision plan that may provide partial coverage for laser eye surgery. Anyway, you shall check your insurance company to determine if the surgery in the plan.