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Dr. Yana Repkin, OD

Dr. Yana Repkin, OD

858) 486-1954

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13425 Community Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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I usually have my eye exam done at Costco, but after finding out they were booked almost a month in advance, I made the mistake of walking in to Dr. Repkin's office in March. After the overpriced exam was over, I was given a pair of contact lenses that blurred and strained my right eye, the reason being that "my astigmatism was worse and it would take a couple days for my eyes to get used to the new prescription." I took them out and put in my old contacts when I got home, and I saw just fine. Now being in the beginning of October, I finally got around to using my new prescription to buy 4 boxes of contacts and a pair of glasses from Costco for $400, only to find when I got them that my eyes did NOT in fact get used to them, my eyes were examined incorrectly, resulting in me being given an incorrect prescription, resulting in the glasses severely straining my right eye even MORE than the contacts did. When I called Dr. Repkin's office to notify them of the mistake on my prescription, I was told to come in the next day and they would recheck me, free of charge. I walked in this morning and sat in the examination chair, only to be told I had to pay an additional $30 for the "office visit fee", which I most CERTAINLY do not think I have to pay for since it was not my mistake to begin with. I ended up just getting up and walking out without a word. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this disgusting office, and I WILL be filing a complaint with the Board of Optometry, as well as suing these people if this problem is not resolved ASAP! I do not recommend for anyone to go to this hell hole, I guarantee your experience will not be satisfactory. If a zero star review was allowed to be given, I would have given it!

10/02/2012 BY Marina Y.

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  • Well, in my opinion, astigmatism cannot cause eye twitching, so you do not need to worry about it too much. First, according to some experts, astigmatism is a kind of visual condition which is related to its shape. And then, because of it, it can result in an eye that has two different powers. In that condition, blurry vision can occur, and it can be the most common symptom of astigmatism. For other symptoms, you should know that shadow images, eye muscle spasms, eyestrain, and headaches can be possible too. For the treatments, you can wear contact lenses to correct it. So you can have a try.

  • Yes, people should choose the right frame which can match your face shape. In your situation, I think you should not wear the square frame for your round faces. Maybe you can try the round frame which can make your face look thinner and not so big. As we know that if you don’t choose a right frame, you will not look attractive. Also, the colors of the frame play an important role in the image of your face. So next time when you go to the store to choose a pair of glasses, you’d better pay much attention to the two factors. And you also can get some essential information from the professional person.

  • Yellow tinted sunglasses really can make objects brighter in that yellow or golden tinted lenses can prevent blue light, while more light in other frequencies can penetrate through yellow tinted lenses. The yellow can eliminate the blue portion of the spectrum, such that all objects appear to be bright and clear. Especially in foggy environment or at dusk, yellow tinted lenses can improve contrast ratio and provide a more accurate image. However, yellow tinted sunglasses will make the color perception a little distortion, therefore this kind of color tinted sunglasses are not suitable for those who need to accurately identify the color of the objects.

  • Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. Actually, it would generate some side effects on your body if you go to tan for much too long. For example, your vision would be affected without a pair of quality sunglasses, and your skin would have some problems. Anyway, try not to do that again, and you could relieve your blurred vision by taking some rest and eye drops. If the situation looks bad, you gotta visit a doctor before it is too late.

  • Yes, of course. It's no surprise that many old people prefer contact lenses over glasses for their active lifestyles. Once reach the mid-40s, presbyopia makes it difficult to focus on near objects. reading glasses is not the only option any more for people who want to read a menu or newspaper that require good vision. A number of contact lens options are available for you to consider. I don't know how old you are but it affects most people over 45 who wear glasses as a shock. I would like to inform you not forget to take them out at bedtime when you wear lenses. Just as simple as cleaning your teeth.

  • Yes, glaucoma is a diseases causing optic damages. The optic nerve is a part of eyes that response for carrying visual information from the eyes to the brain. So, glaucoma is considered a serious eye disease because it causes some vision problems. Besides, people who suffered from glaucoma often experience pain in the eyes. And it is difficult to find glaucoma in early time. So, take a regular eye check is very important even if you think you have a heath eyes and perfect vision.

  • Yes, actually there are a lot of people in the world who can sleep with their eyes open. This is usually caused by facial nerves and droopy eyelids. In fact, this situation is also very similar to so called sleep walking. This happens mostly when you are out of conciousness. I once had such a friend who sleep like this and which really scared me a lot at that time. Do not take it as a kind of eye disease and also do not be freaking out when you see this. To be honest, this is quite normal.

  • The pinhole glasses, like your regular glasses, will make you see better while you are wearing them. i wear them on and off everyday and they work very well.

  • Dear friend, what kind of foreign objects have you got in your eyes? If it is just an eyelash, don't worry, though it may be a little hurt while it will not do great damage to your eyes. You just need to wet your towel and wipe your eyes from the nose side to the temple side for several times gently then you can get it out. But if they are sand, I think you need to see an eye doctor immediately.

  • Colored contacts have no prescription, so it is ok to wear colored contacts under your prescription glasses. But I dout whether people can notice your eye color because the glasses may hide your contacts.