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  • Yes, the essential oils do work on the eye stye. The essential oils applied, the stye doesn’t even develop. When apply essential oils on your style, each morning and night, you need to put 1-2 drops in your palm and used your finger and rubbed a line underneath the eye. It does not need to touch the stye itself. Just do that about 4 days, your stye will be gone. Hope this helpful.

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  • Ok, it seems that you are quite concerned about your eye health. Some people, especially teenagers , would have myopia due to improper use of eyes, and stress or burden of their study could make their myopia worse than before because stress would make their visual nerves abnormal and deteriorate.. So, to relieve your myopia, you have to take in some vitamins, which is indispensable to your eye health, and a better diet, also, good use of eyes could be very necessary.

  • You are suggested to prepare a pair of prescription computer glasses. And you'd better take a break after an hour of seeing computer to release your eye strains and headache. With computer glasses, they can protect the eyes from the reflective light and glares from computer screen. And prescription computer glasses can help you see computer clearly without strains your eyes, thus to release the tired of your eyes. Therefore to reduce headache caused by long time using computer glasses. So, computer glasses are necessary.

  • Are you the first time to wear computer glasses? Usually, it is normal to takes to adapt computer glasses if you first time to wear them. But if you still feel eye strains after a week, you must take an eye exam and buy a new pair with your new prescription so as to keep your eye healthy. And to get suitable computer eye glasses, you shall try on when you but it. If the new glasses still make your uncomfortable, you shall ask opticians to adjust the glasses for you.

  • Generally speaking, although it's not a big deal to get eye stye, it's still annoying. A stye is the eyelids inflammation of a blocked meibomian glands, normally caused by bacterial infection. Besides, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, lack of hygiene, lack of water, and rubbing of the eyes, all of them can give rise to eye styes as well. To get rid of an eye stye, you should pay attention to your personal hygiene. First of all, you should keep your eyes clean. Heat compress on eye can help the big bump to lupture and then the pus can be drained and it would healed. Apply a little gentle massage around eyes. In addition, don't rub your eyes with hands, or further infection may occur. By the way, eye stye will affects your outlook so much, you can wear sunglasses if you need until you restored to health.

  • It looks like you are very interested in that question. So, generally speaking, the color of our eyes would not change during out lifetime, but some exceptions happen from time to time, that is resulted from some traumas on people's eyes, and consequently, they would get heterochromia iridum, which turns their eye color slightly. What I should say is try to protect your eyes as much as possible.

  • I can get why you ask this question. It seems you are interesting to become a pilots. From TV, newspaper and magazines, it seems pilots like to wear aviator style sunglasses. Some people thought it's ray ban. They are really cool especially for men with a pair of dark aviator sunglasses. If you want to make up like them, you can also try aviator style sunglasses.

  • Ok, from what you said, I can see that your problem is resulted from the surgery. It is true that retina surgery would lead to some negative lasting impacts on your health, such as watery eyes, painful eyes, nausea, etc. Anyway, it is normal, at least within some time, but if the problem remains, perhaps you need to get a medical exam to see what happened to your eyes. Sometimes nausea is derived from the increased eye pressure, or some other unknown causes.

  • It is easy to get rid of red puffy eyes from crying. You can place a piece of ice on your closed eyes. Or you can apply chilled cucumber slices on your closes eyes. If you don't have this, how about used tea bags? You can put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply on your closed eyes. The coolness can calm down the inflamed tissues and relieve your puffy eyes.