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  • Part of tear secreted by tear gland is used to moisturize human eyes while the other part flow trough lacrimal canalicular laceration, larcinal sac and nasal tube. These three parts consist the passage of tear. When people get choked, foods or drink will enter the air tube so that the respiratory tract is obstructed. The tear passage and respiratory tract share a same part, nasal tube. When respiratory tract is obstructed, tear passage is obstructed too. In that case, both tear and air can not get through the nasal smoothly. People cough to get the obstruction out and to breath. The tears then just flow the other way out through eyes. That is why eyes will be watery when choked.

  • If you don't have any vision problems, you can buy a pair of non-prescription glasses to protect your eyes when you are using a computer. the +1 power may overcorrect your vision. You may suffer from headaches or even vomit by wearing a stronger prescription. Computer glasses can help block computer reflections and filter glare from the computer screens. They can help reduce eye strain and help you to read longer. Hope this helped!

  • If you want to make the double eyelids not through the surgery, you could use the false eyelid stick to make the symptom of double eyelids. Then you could do the eyes makeup to make it look more natural. If you want to look attractive and charming at the eyes, you could just wear the contact lenses to make the whole look at the eyes seem perfect.

  • From what you said, I know you are very interested in taking exercises. It is absolutely good for you. And for sure, it would be wise for you to get a pair of good sunglasses for harmful lights might damage your vision. From what I know, Ray Ban is one of the best sunglasses for sports fans, and their reputation is pretty high. They could be quite reliable for their quality and nice design. You might want to take a look at it.

  • The answer is no.Stop doing your daydream!

  • Yes, it could cause that. When you rub your eyes thus leave you susceptible to infections from germs on your hands, even irritate your eyes. And you would pressure on your eyeball when rubbing your eyes. It creates pressure at the back of eye socket and optic nerve that connects to exceedingly fragile fibers of your eyes. It also slows down the blood flow to your eyes and might cause blurriness in your vision.

  • Visine eyedrops provide relief from red eyes. The active ingredient in Visine acts to constrict the blood vessels in the eye so that the eye appears less red. The most common side effect of Visine is burning upon instillation. Long-term use of Visine can actually cause the eyes to appear more red. Visine can cause severe medical problems if ingested.

  • What you refer to as dark eyeglasses are actually called sunglasses. People wear them mainly to avoid the deadly UV rays in the sunlight. Also, there is a fashion related reason that could explain people's donning them and that has to do with the sense of coolness those glasses provide. Men in particular like wearing sunglasses to enhance their images and attract women sometimes.

  • Candle flame may seen to be week, but it can somehow hurt your eyes. The very sensitive macula of the retina can be burned out if you stare at the light for a long time. No body can look into the sun because the light is so strong. After you staring at the candle flame, and then close your eye, you will see bright spot in your eye. That's because the candle flame had affect your retina. But candle flame is so week and it hard for you to focus on the light all the time. Your eyes will move slightly so it avoid be burned. Compared with sun light, candle flame are so week to burn your eyes unless you have a very bad eye condition.

  • As we known, our eyes have rods photoreceptor and cones photoreceptor. The rods are used for peripheral vision while the cones are used for foveal or central vision. Therefore, to improve your peripheral vision, you need to block off your foveal or central so that you can force yourself to depend on your peripheral vision. You can make use of a straw and two toothpicks to practice. Draw a circle around the straw with a black line first, and then stand one to two feet in front of the straw, and try to place the toothpicks into the ends of the straw with your focus fixed on the black line. Make sure that you use your side vision to notice the ends of the straw. Keep your vision relax in the process of doing this. If you find it difficult in the beginning, you can use a shorter straw and change a longer straw after you master it.