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Beaver Medical Group

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2 W Fern Ave
Redlands,CA 92373

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2 W Fern Ave Redlands,CA 92373

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Beaver Medical Group, founded by Dr. Meredith Beaver in 1945, is a full-service provider of medical services and health care. Beaver Medical offers more than 130 physicians in 25 major specialties and numerous sub-specialties. The medical group also offers a range of ancillary medical services, such as physical therapy, audiology, 24-hour nurse advice unit, health education, pediatrics, diagnostic services, nutritionists and certified preventive care specialists. Beaver Medical Group and its associated facility, Redlands Community Hospital, provide its health care services to the Redlands area in California. Pacificare members have rated Beaver Medical number one for quality of care and service in California in 2000-01.


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Rheumatology,Radiology,Pulmonology,Ppos and POS,Ppos & Medicare,Physical Therapy,Pediatrics,Over 175 Physicians In 25 Specialties,Over 170 Physicians In 25 Specialties,Orthopedic Surgery,Optometry

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