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  • Yes, our eyes are too deliberate to most of chemical substances at a limited level. Eye makeup are always associated with eyes concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow and highlighter, sometimes the use of fake eyelashes and eyelash glue. Both of them may cause contact dermatitis based on your personal sensitivity. As we all know, all the cosmetics contain some chemical substance having potential health hazards. The incorrect ways to wear and the incomplete makeup discharge will definitely lead to tiny chemicals residue. As a result of long time accumulation, your eyes will be irritated, and then result in some more serious eye diseases, like conjunctivitis. I use the cosmetic items everyday. What I focus most must be the quality of the items, and then the complete make up removal by special makeup remover. You can never expect that a poor product will have a protective property.

  • If you have a square face, you'd better not to wear square sunglasses, otherwise it will make your face look more strange. In addition, you should not choose the sunglasses which are too round, because it can let your face shorter. So you can buy a pair of sunglasses whose hemline are round, such ad aviator sunglasses, which can help you modify your face and make you have a perfect-shaped face. For the color of lenses, you can choose black or brown, if you need specific details, you can go to the eyeglasses store and try it on in person.

  • You may need to find out the causes of your anxiety and try to reduce your anxiety. If you are worrying about work, you may need to do it carefully and avoid making mistakes. I heard my friend said that she had a bad dream last night. She lost her job for no reason. Of course this happened in her dream. But I think maybe she is worrying about her job at this moment. Anxieties will affect our sleeping and lead to various eye skin problems such as dark circle, edema and wrinkles. Another way to get rid of these problems is to turn to cosmetics. Hope this helped!

  • There are several possibility for the color of your baby's color in the future. Eye color will gradually change and it won't happen in one day.

  • If you research this you will see "knowledgeable" claim that Windex should not be used because it is "not designed" for plastic and it impacts the beneficial coatings that may have been applied to the lens during manufacture. Well let me speak as a glasses wearer who has been using Windex for nearly thirty years to clean my glasses. My method is to turn on the hot water faucet then spray the lenses and nose pads with the Windex. Rinse my fingertips and rub the lenses between my thumb and index fingertip. By then the faucet water is as hot as possible so I rinse the lenses, earpiece hinges and nose pads thoroughly. I then wipe the lenses with either a clean piece of cotton T-shirt or, better, a small microfiber towel until dry. Leaves a smear-free lens. Rinse the hinges so that no Windex is trapped there which might corrode the metal hinges. I have been using the same brass plated frames over and over. If the Windex impacts the lens, I cannot tell it. Even my eye doctor has commented that my lenses are amazingly scratch free. I chalk that up to never changing my method. Soaps, including dish soap and certainly hand soap, contains oils to soften one's hands. The lenses has to be wiped harder that just rinsing with hot water, to remove that "oil." Also, do not squeeze the lens too tightly when wiping. If there is any grit present, the pressure may scratch the lenses. As for anti-reflective coatings, they do wear off, but not because of the Windex. It eventually disappears whether I am cleaning with the fluid the Glasses maker recommends or the Windex. I believe it is worn away by your fingertips and the drying cloth. My method has NEVER scratched a lens and absolutely leaves the lens sparkling. As said elsewhere, never use an nasal tissue or a paper towel the wipe the lens. They are made using wood fiber and they will scratch even glass lenses over a very short time. By the way, I have been wearing glasses 65 years starting back when all of them were actual glass, not plastic. Btw, I also wear prescription "mirrored" sunglasses which I clean the same way. No scratches or wearing away of the reflective coating!

  • the strength of reading glasses depends on different persons,not ages . It is normal for her age to take that high prescription reading glasses if she has a really bad vision .my mom is in her 50's but she only need +1.50 . Maybe the best advice for her is to have an eye exam .she may need the prescription glasses ,not only the reading magnifier .

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  • In fact, I also see some spots in front of me when I look at the sky. There will be many reasons. In my opinion, it will be floaters that lead to your problem. Most floaters in our eyes are harmless because they will disappear gradually. However, if you always see some spot in front of you when you look at the sky, or you suddenly start seeing sparkling lights together with an increased number of floaters, it is strongly advised that you see your eye care practitioner immediately, in case the retina is damaged.

  • Blepharoplasty is one of the most useful way of beautifying our eyes. However, the lasting impacts would last some time, during this period, you certainly would be required not to drink and not to take some spicy food, or irritative food. The period would be about 2 or 3 weeks, you could drink after consulting the doctor again.