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  • If the sinus infection is very very serious, then it is possible to make the eyes get infected. This is because the eye sockets are very close to the maxiaary sinus where the sinus infection mainly show impact, making it quite easy for the inflammation to extend to the eyes and lead to some complications in the eyes, such as blurry vision, eye pain, posterior uveitis, and so on. If the patients with sinus infection get discomfort in the eyes, they should go to the doctor's for an eye examination to find out whether the eye problem is caused by sinus infection or not, so as to make correspondent treatment. Besides, to avoid eye infection, patients with sinus infection should pay attention to nasal hygiene, take moderate physical exercise, do not drink any alcohol, do not eat spicy foods, and keep war.

  • Double vision is diplopia in another word, referring to two images formed from the same object. Corneal infections, dryness and corneal scar can distort the light and cause double vision. As to these problems above, it is usually to take a surgery to solve the problem absolutely. However, acupuncture is a very better and safer way to treat than surgery in general. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy, with a long and thin silver needle pointed into acupuncture points on body. It is believed to break the blockage on human body and so promotes the blood circulation all over body. It provides a very good effect on muscles, nerves and brain disorder or imbalance. According to some researches, acupuncture can be good for many eye diseases, including double vision. So you can just have a try.

  • Since the doctor said there were nothing wrong with her eye, I think you may take her daily nutrition seriously because sometimes blurred vision may be ensued from malnutrition. You can supply the daily meal with a protein source such as evaporated milk, eggs, meat or liver for your child. And she is suggested not to read for a long time. Also she should avoid reading at night as reading at night is not good for the vision.

  • Yes, it is true that blepharitis can cause vision loss. Blepharitis, as an inflammatory condition, accompany with itchiness, redness, flking. It is a common eye problem that affects both children and adults. In some circumstance, blepharitis can lead to permanent alterations to the eyelid margin or vision loss from superficial keratopathy.

  • Yes, you place prescription reading glasses lenses if your sunglasses frames are normal and not too big frames. If you just want to get vision aids and eye protections from UV rays, you can buy prescription sunglasses or clip on sunglasses to help you. But if you really want big sunglasses for purposes, maybe you can try fitover sunglasses that allow you wearing prescription eyeglasses inside and cover a big sunglasses outside.

  • Yes, lack of sleep can cause your eyes to twitch. There are several reasons causing your right eyes twitching. When you are on a diet in order to keep fit, you may not eat meat. As we all know, meat concludes a lot calcium and lacking calcium may cause eye twitching; When you have no access to face the sunshine and feel fatigued, you may get eye twitching as well. Everyone has chance to get eye twitching. Twitching is just abnormal physiological state, so you needn't to worry too much. When you find that you have got this, you should go to hospital to check whether you have lack calcium or not. When you lack calcium, you can eat calcium tablet. If you have other problems, you should ask a doctor for help.

  • Well, in my opinion, it is possible to get puffy eyes when your eyes become dry. And generally speaking, there are many reasons which can cause puffy eyes, and dry eyes can be one of them. As we know that when our eyes cannot get enough waters, and it can dry, and also affect the skin around the eyes. And also, it can lead to disorders which happen in your body. And then, puffy eyes can occur at this moment. So you need to drink more water, and eat more fruits. By the way, some vitamins can be effective too. Besides, you need to know that overconsumption of salt, which causes fluid retention, allergies or infection, can cause inflammation and swelling, and the puffy eyes too. So just be careful about it.

  • In general, you won't hurt your eyes by wearing 3D glasses outside, you may just confuse your brain a bit while it gets used to the information it's receiving being different than usual.

  • It is clear that you are really interested in eye drops and are making full use of it. Though sometimes it would greatly help with your problem, and make your eyes refreshed, it actually might be a negative habit, which might give rise to some negative effects on your eyes, such as dry eyes, or some dependency on eye drops, and that is not a good sign. Also, I remind you that you try to protect your eyes in a natural way.

  • Yes, it is beneficial for our eyes. Surma is also called kohl, which is an ultra-free powder form to be used in the eyes whether it is black in color, white, red or gery etc. It gives the following benefits for eyes based on regular application. It protects the eyes from dust and pollution, and keeps them cool and clear. It also helps relief tired eyes, stress of eyes, dry and irritated eyes, especially among the youngsters due to computer vision syndrome caused by continuous emission of short wavelength X-rays by the computer screen.