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Optometric Center-Mission Grv

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3674 Sunnyside Dr # 2
Riverside,CA 92506

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  • I am afraid there is nothing to cure it. But if you smoke you must quit it immediately as that will make it much worse and smoking is also significant risk factor for macular degeneration.

  • No, you can't sleep in your contacts. Our eyes are dry after wearing contacts for a long time. Our eyeballs are covered by contacts and can’t be moistened thoroughly, so we need to take off contacts and moisten our eyeballs with some artificial tears. Sleeping in contacts will affect our vision too. So don't sleep in your contacts though you are very tired. It will not take you too much time to take them off.

  • Kaiser Permanente is an online corporation focus more on health nursing. So I don't think it's the best place to buy glasses. But it is a good place to buy glasses, because there you can get information, and you can compare different options. And it is convenient and easy to compare the plans. There are a number of options and you can get a plenty of information to help you make a choice. But the price may not the cheapest. You may also try those places such as Costco, Empire Vision Center, and For Eyes Optical to buy glasses.

  • Referring to your prescription, I think you do not need to change for a new pair of eyewear because your prescription is just slightly changed. You need not to worry about it. Theoretically, if your strength does not reach to +/-100, it is not need to wear eyeglasses. Otherwise, it will increase the burden of the ciliary muscle.

  • Reading too much and staring something in a long time are easy to make something wrong with eyes, especially nerves and layers. Frequent and gentle blinking is good to maintain eye that blinking allows your eyelids to keep your eyes coated with several beneficial layers of tears. First, The first layer of tears against the whites of your eyes, and provides an even coat of protein-rich moisture for the second layer. Second, blinking makes the middle watery layer help with nourishing the cornea of your eyes with minerals, a variety of proteins, and moisture. Third, blinking let the third outer layer prevent the middle watery layer from evaporating quickly, and provides needed lubrication between your eyes and your eyelids. Then you'll little possible to get dry eye and sore eye. Meanwhile the back of your eyes and layers are easy to be protected by blinking. But you still need good rest.

  • If your brother is a photographer, you'd better choose the polarized sunglasses which could protect the eyes from the strong lights which could damage the eyes. Compared with other common sunglasses, the polarized sunglasses own special function which could do good for your eyes. The effects of the polarized sunglasses are to effectively eliminate and filter beam of scattering light. It can make the light go through the optical input eyes and become the visual image. Thus, the vision is clear and natural as the principle of shutter shade. At last, the light has been adjusted into synthetic light and enters indoor and the natural scenery looks soft and not dazzling. You could choose such type of polarized sunglasses, like the oakley brand which is more suitable for your brother.

  • You may see better in the morning but the prescription will not change if you have eye exam in the evening.

  • Mixed materials glasses, also called combination frames eyeglasses, are eyeglasses with frame composed of a variety of materials such as plastic, metal and other materials. You might say that combination frames are all mixed up. That's because they do not use the same frame material for the whole frame. For example, the frame front might be metal while the temple use Zyl, leather, crystal or wood.