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  • Well, generally speaking, yes, coughing can just lead to double vision. And first, you should know that double vision in the setting of coughing can be caused by excessive tearing. And according to some experts, the mechanism of throat irritation will lead to excessive coughing. In that way, it will just cause a number of additional effects, including causing the production of excess tears and mucus. Because of that, of course, it can affect your eyes, leading to double vision. For double vision, it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you see its two images rather than one. And when it occurs, it can be kind of dangerous.

  • Well, first you should know that supplementation with fish oil could be effective so it will just help treat dry eyes. And of course, you can just take some fish oil products. And just apply them over your eye skin surface. And let the oil just cover the eye skin. That can be enough. And do not put too much on your eyes, or it will just waste it. Also, you can just have more herring and salmon too. For dry eyes, discomfort, including irritation, burning, grittiness, redness, tearing, and blurred vision can be possible. So you should just be careful about it. By the way, more water and eat more fruits should be kept too.

  • Yes, it is very dangerous if you get high eye pressure. The high eye pressure can constrict your optic nerve and cause your papilla optic atrophy. If you don't pay more attention to your eyes, it will lead to serious consequences. This medical name is visual-field defect, we also called it glaucoma. So, you need to buy some eye drop and remember don't eat spicy food. Meanwhile, keep a good mood and eat food and vegetable high in Vitamin A, they are all very important!

  • Blurred vision can be caused by many problems, and over tired is one of them. Have a good sleep at night, your eyes will be recover at the next morning. And if you still have blurred vision after a good rest. You'd better see an eye doctor for help because you may get some eye disease.

  • If you wanna take your little kids under 6 years old for some outdoor activities under the strong sunshine, letting them wear shades may be cool and a useful protection in many parents' minds. From optical doctors' perspective, it can make sense for children below 6 years old for 1-2 hours wearing sunglasses, which can protect their eyes to some extent. However, it may have some bad effects on these young generations' eyes for a long time wearing. Due to some vision functions of children which are mostly not mature enough, their eyes require much more sunshine to stimulate, so that shades for protection may affect the development of their eyes when they are young. What's worse, it might lead to weak sight problems to some degree. To conclude, before 6 years old, you'd better not let your children to wear shades or sunglasses, even they look lovely or cool with them.

  • Perhaps you get deep eye sockets due to wearing glasses or contact lenses for a long time. Some people get deep eye sockets due to congenital dysplasia of soft tissue of the upper eyelids and the fragile orbicularis oculi. In addition, with age growing, the subcutaneous fat and fat of the orbicularis oculi atrophy, so the eye sockets become deep. The deep eye sockets can be cured by redistribution of the ocular fat or filling the fat. Or you can apply eye makeup to avoid looking older. You can select a shimmery light eye shadow color and apply the entire eye lid with an eye shadow brush. Then apply a medium contour color to the brow bone. Apply eyeliner onto the lower eyelashes with a shadow liner. When all are done, you will find your eye sockets are not that obvious.

  • Yes, as a matter of fact, there is really a connection between detached retina and headache. A detached retina can be caused by many reasons, such as strong prescription, a heavily violent collision or a pair of flimsy retina. Once the retina detach, the part where is detachment can not work, meanwhile, image and message the brain accepted from eyes is not complete or even total loss, eventually lead to the dysfunction of brain. Accordingly, it's quite normal to get a headache of your friend. The direct way for him is go to the hospital to get a physical examination and take a detached retina surgery as soon as possible.

  • Table salt will scratch the cornea if you rub it and it will definitely sting. Just rinse it out with water, you’ll be good to go. Any other salt, you'll need to consult the material safety data sheet or the label on the container. There are some salts that are corrosive and can poison you.

  • You can use the standard reading glasses, but make sure they won't bring any problems or discomfort to your eyes and you can see well with the standard reading glasses. If they won't fit you properly, you need to get prescription reading glasses.

  • Hello, the gunk in the eyes is really very difficut for ourselve to get out. And there are some risks if you do it by yourself. You may be allergic to the contacts themselves. It may also have to do with contacts being such a new thing to you. But you can not keep it in your eyes for a long time, the stimulation cuased by the gunk can be very harmful and dangerous for your eyes. You eyes may get some sort of allergy owing to that. The best and safest choice for you is going to see your eye doctor, talk about your eyes conditon with them.For the experienced doctor, this is a common problem and it will not be difficult for them to help you deal with it successfully.