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I would not go here! I've been wearing contacts since I was in the 5th grade. I wanted a second opinion on wearing soft lenses (my previous doctor said I couldn't wear them but would never tell me why) so I go in, right off the bat they charge me a fee because apparently the doctor I'm seeing is a contact specialist. Then they allow me to try out soft contacts for a summer to see how u react to them. Which was great! But on top of the cost of the contacts I also had to pay a $200 fee for them to teach me how to put them in. I told them it was unnecessary but they said I didn't have a choice. So I paid, tried out soft lenses and didn't really like how ip they felt in my eyes so I decided to switch back to my hard contacts. They had me come in to check up on things, again another specialist fee and then they billed me to teach me how to out hard contacts in. I walked out, it was ridiculous the amount of money they squeezed out of a college student. I just recently went to a new doctor, no fees and apparently because my vision is so bad I qualify for medically necessary contacts which means I can get both contacts for as little as $20. None of my previous doctors have ever told me about this, I was paying as much as $200 per eye for new contacts yearly. The eye medical clinic nickel and dimes you. I would steer clear of this place!!

04/30/2015 BY Kristyn

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  • first of all, if your pain is slight, or not so severe, you could do some eye exercises, that is to rub it slowly with a clean hand. Then, if your pain is very severe, you need to try some eye-drops, if it doesn't work, the immediate thing you need to do is to see a doctor and get help from the hospital.

  • Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils. Puffy eyes are so noticeable that everyone wants to remove them. Then various ways are taken to get rid of them. For example, apply red tea bags on your eyes 10minutes once a day and use some cucumber slice every night to take vitamins supplements. People gradually find these ways do not work for puffy eyes. New measures need to take, so all kinds of oils begin to be popular with people. A study has shown that lemon oil in vapor form was good to reduce stress and enhance one's mood. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are found to help heal burns, wounds and swellings. These are often in lotions or soaps, especially in facial mask. To sum up, use aromatherapy oil to help puffy eyes and protect skin. By the way, facial mask that contains aromatherapy oil does really works for puffy eyes if you make gently massage during your applying.

  • Yes. you can get your colored contacts for astigmatism. I know that colourblends is a type of colored contacts for astigmatism. You can go to your optometrist to have a check.

  • Is it ok to wore one eye lense?

  • Well, you should know that oscar de la renta is a fashion brand founded in America in 1973, now its has got a wide range of products including sunglasses. So, due to the fact that sunglasses are to protect our eyes from harmful lights, therefore, their sunglasses have UV protection, but the protection capability is different from this to that. So, you need to ask for detailed information before buying.

  • Smoking is bad for the health, including the eyes. It may cause the eyes to become yellow because of the damage on the liver. Smoking will make the immune system in the whole body decrease which will easily lead to uveitis because of the coming invisible bacterium. You should smoke less and have good rest for the eyes. You could use some eyes drops and warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

  • Square and rectangular frames add contrast to the curved lines of the oval face. Other shapes are fair game as well, just be sure to keep scale in mind. Ovals biggest downfall is a frame that is too small or too large, throwing off the natural balance of the face.

  • Pupil is the small round hole in the iris center of the people's eyes. It is regarded as the channel for the light to enter into the eyes. When you buy the glasses and hear other people say large pupils, it means that the amount of light into your eyes is larger than that through the common pupils.

  • Dark circles are caused by various reasons. One is bad blood circulation. Skin around eyes is thinner so that the shadow is easy to be seen. Another is lack of sleep, which is the normal reason for mostly people. Fitly, the shark liver oil contains the essence of vitamin A and other nutrition which are effective for health and promote the circulation of the blood. Therefore, it can really do work for the dark circles. However, the most entitative reason give rise to this situation is your unhealthy habits.Hence, you'd better get enough rest, keep a healthy diets as well as exercise everyday. Besides, eyes massage and mild hot compress will also helpful. Hope you can get rid of this situation soon.

  • Do not worry. Blepharitis is not contagious. It is a common trouble of people of all ages. Blepharitis is an inflammation of eyelid margins. There are many oil glands at the lid, which produce different types of oils. The lid margins changes once oil glands have something wrong and the skin of the eyelids or the eye get changed. Your eye would feel irritated and itchy due to the inflammation of the eyelid. Blepharitis can recover quickly upon proper treatment by doctor. Many eye drops are effective. By the way, there some other alternative treatments, like a warm compress or gently cleaning the eyelids with clean water. In addition, in ordinary life taking care of eyes and following good hygiene can help to avoid blephartis.Tell your classmate the above all and accompany with him/her.