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Gonzales, Robert P Optometrist

Gonzales, Robert P Optometrist

(714) 543-9022

Category: Eye Doctor

1415 N Bristol St,
Santa Ana, CA 92706

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  • Yes, it can help with glaucoma. Acupuncture is a traditional medical treatment in China, which believes there is Chi traveling through the whole body. In acupuncture, doctor treat the patient with a long silver needle inserted in acupuncture points on body to stimulate the flow the Chi. Glaucoma referrs to the build up pressure in eyes which will damage optic nerves and finally lead to vision loss. So in western medical treatment, doctors prefer to monitor the pressure, and prescrib some medication to control the IOP. Because acupuncutre works to break through any blockage of Chi and blood in body, it effectively benefit glaucoma patients by promote the retrobulbar blood circulation and thus take off the pressure. Yet only well-trained people know where are those acupuncture points and suitable depth. If you want to have a try, you should go to hospital.

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  • Glasses are better. For looks i would choose contacts but contacts could damage your eyes even though there used for seeing, for example you can get red eyes, contacts could go under or over your eyes and might not be able to use that eye for life.

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