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Santa Ana, CA

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  • Albinism is a congenital disorder. People who got it is easily characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albino has a bad effect on vision. Photophobia and decreased visual acuity , reduced visual acuity, amblyopia and so on are all closed to albino. For the most part, treatment of the eye conditions consists of visual rehabilitation. Surgery is one of treatments.

  • No, you are not recommended to do so. It is really dangerous to wear two different pairs of contact lenses in eyes at the same time, because these contact lenses won't be able to fit in your eyes. They will move in your eyes. This results in corneal scratches and scrapes.

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  • If you have vision problem to be corrected, then you need your glasses to be prescribed.

  • There is a poor chance that you may get infected if you don't touch the eyes. But it is better for you to use your own an avoid sharing.

  • Despite the fact that pterygium and pinguecula both grow on the cornea of the eye and caused by dry eyes and environmental irritations such as dust, wind and pollen, they do differ from each other. Pterygium is a yellowish patch on the conjunctiva but pinguecula is a fleshy tissue that usually arise from a pinguecula and grows on the conjunctiva extending over the cornea. Pterygium can be seen as a change in the normal tissue caused by protein deposit, just like callus on the skin. However, pinguecula can keep growing and do harm to our vision.

  • For one day to ten days or so after lasik surgery, the cornea is under the state of slightly bloated. To avoid the strong reaction from eyes, we should try to eat something containing less spicy and sour, we had better not eat hot pepper,chilli,ginger,onion, pepper and hot-pot. Eat less candy,desert, full-cream cheese. As for the sea food, even if you love it,tar to eat less,like hairtail, cyprinoid, eel, boold clam, shrimp, and sea slug.

  • Ok, from what i can see, it seems that you concern a lot about your eye health,which is good for you. So, it is true that a lack of vitamin a could give rise to a lot of problems, such as decreased vision, eye strain, nyctalopia, and some other serious problems, etc. Because, vitamin a is a must for our eye health, which contains many kinds of nutrition. So you have to pay attention to your vitamin intake, which is vital for your eye health.

  • I once broke a pair of acetate glasses too. The optometrist told me that there was no way to fix it unless you only lost a screw. You can buy a new pair. Don't be sad. You can put it in this way that it is a good chance to change your image. There are so many styles and colors of glasses you can choose. I suggest you to shop online. So far there are many eyewear shops on line for the booming e-business. The price is very cheap and you can easily get what you want without walking out from store to store. If you don't like the glasses after received, you can easily get refund. How can someone does not like it! If you are lucky, you can even get glasses for free.

  • You can ask you mum to take your sister to see the health care practitioner. If the gene alteration occurs in the cells of your iris, you color of the eyes will change. If our body is exposed to UV rays for a long time, the melanin production in the iris will increases. Then the color of our eyes may change. To some people, their eye color will change according to light refraction and emotions.