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Christopher Fong, OD

Christopher Fong, OD

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3085 Loma Vista Rd Ventura, CA 93003

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General Impression:

Dr. Fong is terrible. I had cataract surgery. My vision was bad. He was always upset when he saw me. He said some people only have one eye. You should be fine and return to work with only one good eye. He is not nice,and seems upset when my vision is not good as it should..

11/27/2012 BY aguacateromich

General Impression:

Dr. Fong has been my Family's Optometrist for the last 5 years. He is always very informative, understanding of my questions and great with my kids. I never feel rushed during my appointment and have recommended him to all of my friends (most of which have switched over to him). Dr. Fong and his staff are always wonderful!

11/18/2011 BY Melissa

General Impression:

I was referred to Miramar eye specialist where I was examined by Dr. Christopher Fong. He suggested caract removal ans lens implan to improve vision. He was easy to understand and I felt confident he knew his profession. I agreed to surgery . When I returned for follow up check ups. He was different it attitude. My vision was not better but worse which seemed to really anger him. He said I needed to try harder and needed to appriciated the service done for me The following 3 examines got worse and now I dred going to see him and have ask for a second opinion if he ordered the correct lens for me. I had the implant December 15Th. and was told I would see better and better. I still wear my glasses with one lens removed so I can use opposite eye. I can not and will not have second eye implant till I can see at least well with one eye. dr. Fong badgers and insist I am not trying. When I told him there are shadows around every letter he SAID I DON'T want to hear about them. He then said my vision was fine. I am wearning a pirate looking eye patch so as not to be distracted, I have had an auto accident resulting in loss of vehicle due to halos and double lights. I can not drive past dusk and still waiting and praying for improvement.
Please refuse doctor Christopher Fong at Miramar eye specialist if you enjoy your sight even if it is not perfect it is better than what I got.
My surgeon at Miramar is Dr. Davison and he is great! Please just do your research first and ask questions be sure the measurements are correct and the lens is the correct one for you.. The results can only be as good as the surgeon and the product used must fit.
I can not even give doctor Fong one star as his attitude changed when the results were not perfect. He does not even try to see if the order or measurements were correct.

02/23/2011 BY Debora

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  • The light contrast on TV screen should not be too strong or weak, otherwise your eyes can get tired easily. Also you should not turn off the room light when watching TV.

  • Sweetie, eye exercises can't help improve our eyesight. But they can help relieve eye fatigue. They are also good for maintaining the health of our eyes. It is said that if we maintain the health of our eyes, we are at lower risk to get some eye problems and prevent our eyesight form decreasing dramatically. Contacts are hard foreign objects and they may abrade our eyes when we do some eye exercise. So I suggest you to take off them before doing eye exercise.

  • As we know, with the age growing, our skin will easily lose the collagen which takes the role of tightening. It is the age problem that causes the eye wrinkles in a common way. However, this is not the only reason for people with wrinkles. Such as lacking of sleep or the pull in the eye muscles. And there are various ways to relieve this symptom. Get enough rest, keep health diet, keep away from the radiation from TV and computer as far as possible. Neverthless, in my opinion, the best treatment is massaging it gently on the skin around eyes which are the very sensitive areas with essential oil, which has strong permeable layer ability and can provide vitamin E to skin cell effectively. If you keep above measures everyday, I promise you will see the difference. Thanks.

  • As a matter of fact, Pink eyes can be divided into two types, one is infectious causes and the other is noninfectious causes. In general, infectious pink eye can be caused by bacteria and it is highly contagious. Noninfectious pink eye is usually caused by allergy, chemical irritation, inflammatory diseases, and trauma. So it is true that seasonal allergies can lead to pink eyes. It is important to know how to avoid pink eyes in our daily life. Here are some advices: 1: Lead to a sanitary life, remember wash hand carefully and avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. Wash your hands frequently 2: Avoiding share towels, pillows and glasses with other people. 3: Avoiding making up especially eye shadows. 4: Avoiding wearing contact lenses. 5: Using cold compress on your eyes in order to ease your symptoms. 6: Eye drops may be helpful to your condition.

  • I suggest you not taking any alcohol while using antibiotic eye drops. Though alcohol may not make any difference, it can lead to dehydration, stimulating your eyes and postponing the healing process. In addition, drinking alcohol does no good to your health, you had better not consume too much alcohol.

  • To make sure you are safe to wear colored contacts,you need to have an eye exam and follow your doctor's instruction.

  • Definitely not, it would damage eyes. The sunglasses become a popular decoration in recent years, which could reduce the strong light but not prevent it. When watching the solar eclipse, your eyes would be damaged seriously even become blindness if you are wearing the sun glasses. The solar eclipse’s light transmittance is too high, you had better use a mirror to reflect the light if you don’t have a professional equipment.

  • Of course not. The eye floaters are the symptoms to stand out the eye problems. If you work so hard and use the computer for a long time every day with little rest, you may have the floaters in the eyes. When you have the floaters in the eyes, you'd better have a good rest for your eyes and use the eyedrops to release the symptoms.

  • The most benefit of high index lenses is they are much thinner and lighter than standard lenses. You will feel more comfortable and have clearer view with them But they are much expensive than regular lenses.

  • Seems that the rimless style is making quite a statement recently, Titanium metal is also a newer innovation lightweight and hypo-allergenic, also Semi-Rimless are quite fashionable for your girl. Also if you haven't already checked online there are a spree of new opening webpages that sell glasses at remarkable prices with many options like UV, Anti-scratch, Anti-glare.