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15270 E 6th Ave Unit 4
Aurora, CO 80011-8832

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The hinge on my glasses broke and I took my glasses to be repaired at Eye's 4U Optical after being referred by America's Best because my warranty time was up. I was expecting that they would be able to order a new piece to replace the broken one, but they explained that they would just solder it back on. Also, it would no longer be a flexible hinge but would still be able to fold closed. I was skeptical, but I agreed to the repair because I figured there might not be another place to take them for a better type of repair.

When I just got them back today, I immediately noticed that there are a couple of warped/melted spots on the lens of the repaired side that make a big, blurry spot visible in my vision when I put them on. I explained to him that those spots were not like that when I brought the glasses in for repair, but he insisted that it couldn't have been their fault because they touch the hot soldering tool to the side piece (on the lens side of the frame, mind you) and not to the lens itself. Well, obviously. He's not going to melt it on purpose. After a couple of minutes, he asked if the lenses are polycarbonate and explained that the problem probably lies in the protective coating. He would not admit that their repair process might be the culprit though. After I stood there hem hawing for about five minutes and commenting on the damage, making it obvious that I wasn't pleased, I finally paid up since it was obvious that he was not going to admit any fault or offer any sort of discount.

I will not bring any more of my business to this location and would not recommend them for any sort of true glasses repair. I am just hoping that the repair doesn't break any time soon.

01/24/2015 BY Drew Fox

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  • Red and swollen eyes can be the early signs of pink eye in children. But they can be symptoms of another infection or just allergic to some foreign objects. You can tell your child not to rub their eyes with dirty hands. Since pink eye is highly contagious, the children in school or kindergarten may easily get this kind of infection. So you'd better take your child to see an eye doctor and apply timely treatment.

  • Before you buy the eyeglasses online, I suggest you to go to have the eye exams to get the exact size of your eyes which will be convenient for you to buy the eyeglasses. You should know the size of your nose, the distance between your two eyes and size of your pupil. Then you should know which color or style is your perfect one. Thus you could choose the one you may be satisfied with.

  • Of course, excessive TV viewing can cause health problems indirectly. A person who sit close to the TV and consistently watch TV more than four hours a day are more likely to be overweight, which in and of itself can bring about health problems later. Sitting close to the television may not make a person nearsighted, but you may sit close to the television because you may be nearsighted and undiagnosed. If you habitually sit too close to the television for comfort, get your eyes tested as soon as you can.

  • Astigmatism can cause of blurred or distorted vision.You can use eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct it, Or you can take refractive surgery to cure it. However, Peripheral vision problems means that people have abnormal wide-angle field of vision though they have good central vision. And peripheral vision problems can be caused by retinitis pigmentosa, concussions, neurological damage as well as glaucoma etc. And i never heard that astigmatism can cause peripheral vision problems. And till ow, i didn't found how to cure it. But i heard that prism lenses can help to correct peripheral vision problems.

  • You can't really. At least not in any meaningful way, that is, in a way that will make them last. I work in optical retail and get that question asked twice a day. Glue will not hold and might damage the lenses. Some stores might offer to repair them using a stapler type clip, but again, it doesn't last. Time for new glasses.

  • That isn't always the case people that gain heterochromia via injury or radiation from a toxic substance can have reduced or diminished vision. However people that are born with heterochromia are not at risk of losing eye sight. The reason being that genetic heterochromia does not effect the pupil. So the cones and rods are unaffected by the mutation. For example I have heterochromia in both eyes (aka double iris affect) and I have 20/10 vision. ALso heterochromia can in rare cases also effect the color of ones hair. These cases also have no effect on the person effected other than an abnormal color. In cases like mine people may have heterochromia in both eyes and their hair and still have no diminished properties. Finally it is normal for cases with heterochromia in multiple places to have a single mutant color throughout. In my case it is gold.

  • OK, sounds like you are going to make yourself appear more attractive by changing your hairstyle and make it compatible with how you dress up and what kind of glasses to wear. Anyway, from what I can see, it would be wise for you to have some kinda short bob, which would make you appear feminine and ladylike. You can also dye your hair and get some nice dress to fresh up.

  • Yes, the blinking will work for the dry eyes. The normal eyelid will be moved per minute and blinking about 15 times a minute. The movement of blinking eyes is good. First of all, it can play a clean role by moisture the eyes. Next, blinking eyes can play the role of eye protection when sand or fly closes to the eyes. It can block the grains of sand and worms when your eyes feel tired. Thus, when you feel dry, you can blink a few times. However, blink too much times a minute will cause the tiredness of the eyes. Thus, you'd better control the suitable times. And eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.

  • There are so many sunglasses for you to choose. They are very cheap. Besides, they can block harmful UV rays for your eyes. I strongly suggest you to have a look at and the original cost of these sunglasses are $49 but now they are $29. It seems to be a better deal to place an order online when there are some discounts.

  • It is good to wear the tanning goggles when you are tanning which will to some degree protect your eyes. If you don't wear the tanning goggles, your eyes may get stimulated and irritated after tanning. Your eyes may show the redness. What's worse, your eyes may show the sensitive and weak point. Your eyes will absolutely feel uncomfortable.