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4337 Tennyson St
Denver,CO 80212

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4337 Tennyson St Denver,CO 80212

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  • About Sports Optical


We make custom Rx lenses for specialized uses as well as standard lenses for fashion frames.  Our owner Bret Hunter is recognized in the industry as inventing the wrap frame lens technology we use for our sport lenses and safety glasses that gives the wearer unobstructed and distortion free peripheral vision while blocking wind, light, and flying objects from the side.  Our lenses are in use all over the world as we ship worldwide to meet our customers needs for Rx lenses for Road biking, Mountain biking, Motorcycling, Golf, Squash, Shooting, Fly Fishing, Running, Triathlon, Triathlon, Duathlon,  Swim goggles, Ski goggles, Car racing, Motocross, Nordic skiing,  and just about any other outdoor sport where eye protection and clear vision is essential.


Established in 1993

Our small shop was on 6th ave and Garrison for a number of years before moving to Tennyson street in the art district.
The owner Bret has a passion for unique frames and clear vision.  He travels the world to find unique styles (doesn't just order and resell from a catalog)  In fact on the last buying trip to Milan, Italy in 2011 he purchased many limited edition frames that you just won't find anywhere else.  We stock frames made from Canadian Maple, Synthetic wood, Aluminum, Stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and more.  Many of them are works of art, but not at outrageous prices.  Bret's passion for his work shows in everything in the shop from the display cases to the methodical research and testing he performs on his sport frames and lenses.  We even have a house brand of frames for both sport and fashion.

Meet the Business Owner: Bret H.

Sports Optical is owned and operated by Master Optician Bret Hunter. It is a family and veteran owned & operated company.
Bret actually used his GI bill to help pay for opticianry school. He has worn glasses since the fourth grade and could never get good glasses for all his high action activities (he was a competitor in the X-games) Bret  actually had the idea for this company before he started Opticionry school. After he graduated, he found work at a high end optical store in the mall (not to be named). There were not many sports vision options there, so in March of 1993 he started SportsOptical. There were a lot of challenges to overcome. The technology for making prescriptions to fit curved frames just didn't exist.  In fact, the rest of the optical industry told him it was impossible, defied physics, and can't be done. The first few years he worked with the few insert systems and the flatter lenses that were available. Then he started experimenting and the magic started...

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I have been going to Sports Optical since Bret first opened the shop on Tennyson. Whether its for mountain biking or the high fashion glasses I wore when running a club, I have always come away with finely tuned functional lenses and style that brings compliments everywhere I go. You can't beat the expertise and customer service you'll find at Sports Optical!

12/11/2012 BY Marguerite Lucas

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