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1280 Centaur Village Dr Ste 2
Lafayette, CO 80026-1255

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  • what is the number the pressure suppose to be in your eye

  • I think most of us have known that glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness around the world. Elevated pressure in the eye is the main factor leading to glaucomatous damage to the eye (optic) nerve. Well, uveitis is the potentially cause of glaucoma, exactly glaucoma is one of the many potentially devastating complications of uveitis. Generally speaking, serious uveitis will increase pressure in eyes which obtains high risk of getting glaucoma. And I asked a doctor and he told me that heal glaucoma means treat the uveitis. Glaucoma needs to heal in time. Some patients can recover through taking medicines and dropping special eye drops. While others whose conditions are much worse must be operated. I think you can get much information on and You can really benefit from these two websites.

  • Sorry to read you are having problem, in fact, there are many reasons lead to your kid's eye balls feel paining on wearing glasses, such as he had a wrong prescription or Allergies or infections and so on, I am not a eye doctor. You had better go to the glasses store, to do a comprehensive exam, if possible, buy a new pair of glasses for your kid.

  • Malcolm X often wears his Browline Glasses and he made this style quite popular. almost of eyeglasses sold in 1950s were browlines. At present, Malcolm X style glasses are still hot in 2012. You can google Browline Glasses or Malcolm X glasses. Check out this site.

  • The farsightedness is also known as hyperopia, which causes the people can hardly focus on nearby objects, or unable to focus on objects at any distance. The eye has to increase optical power to keep the image to focus on the retina if an object moves in front of the eye. Otherwise, there is no sufficient power, it could be hyperopia.

  • As you can see, anesthesia or other drugs are somehow to some extent poisonous, which would give rise to some negative consequences to your eye health or other parts of your body. And if your eyes are allergic to such drug, you are very likely to have swollen eyes, but that is just temporary, what you should do is to rest your eyes and have a healthy diet, or just get some medical treatment.

  • You'd better not, the contact lenses around eyes are not the same. Even though the two eyes with same prescription, you also can not mix them. Normally, people have astigmatism, and the two eyes are different. In the process of glasses, it is considered to prescription. So, you can not simply think they are the same and interchange. Perhaps, it will bring a big problem.

  • VSP is accepted as an IN NETWORK insurance at private practices merely. That is to say, you will only income a copay. In fact, whatever the insurances, they doesn't cover for eyeglasses. though you may hear somebody say America's Best and Lenscrappers accept VSP. But actually they don't. And you likely need to record it with VSP yourself.

  • Ear cushions can be understand as a part of eyeglasses frames that can bring people comfortable wearing. Usually, long time wearing eyeglasses frames may result in different degrees of irritation. Eyeglasses with ear cushions can decrease that "rubbing" and discomfort. These cushions, also called pads, can be adjusted by yourself to fit for your face and ears. Anyway, ear cushions are good for people wearing eyeglasses.

  • Yes. They can give you 100% UV protection. If you choose polycarbonate lenses, you don't have to add UV protection coating to your lenses. What's more, polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant so they are very safe, especially for children and sportsman.