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    1.Robin Eye Center

    4695 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606-1802

    Robin Eye Center is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

    Optical stores in Bridgeport offer most discounted inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, both in single vision (SV) and bifocal or progressive lenses. Most optical shops in the Bridgeport have an adjacent independent optometrist's office for the convenience of the customers. Opticians in the stores will help determine your pupillary distance (PD) and fit glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other eyewear based on the prescriptions written by optometrists and eye doctors. Other staff members may guide you through the selection and try-on of glass frames to finalize your purchase...
  • 2.Dr Kimberly Stevens

    649 Clinton Ave
    Bridgeport, CT 06605-1711

    Dr Kimberly Stevens is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.Vision Center Assoc

    2664 E Main St
    Bridgeport,CT 06610

    Vision Center Assoc is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.Furze & Ackley Opticians

    4270 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606-2392

    Furze & Ackley Opticians is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Vision Center Associates

    2664 E Main St
    Bridgeport, CT

    Vision Center Associates is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Family Vision Center

    64 Hansen Ave # 3
    Bridgeport, CT 06605-2501

    Family Vision Center is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Family Villon

    101 Boston Ave
    Bridgeport, CT 06610-1648

    Family Villon is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.R W Knapp Opticians

    4348 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606-2309

    R W Knapp Opticians is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Reuven Rudich Md

    4699 Main St 202
    Bridgeport, CT 06606-1864

    Reuven Rudich Md is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Frankel Steven DR

    190 Fairfield Ave
    Bridgeport,CT 06604

    Frankel Steven DR is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • Best of Bridgeport Eye Doctors

  • Eye Doctor

    1.Neil Rosen, OD

    2664 E Main St Bridgeport, CT 06610

    Neil Rosen, OD is a 5-star Eye Doctor1 Reviews

    Excellent doctor! I recommend him to everyone. My wife and I both are patients and my 5 year old son will be going for his first time. We purchased our frames today and also contacts for me. He is very professional and I will pass his name around to everyone needing an eye doctor! Thank you Dr. Rosen....
  • 2.Gorman Michael J Dr Optomtrst

    101 Boston Ave
    Bridgeport, CT 06610

    Gorman Michael J Dr Optomtrst is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 3.Falcone Philip M MD

    4920 Main St Ste 309
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Falcone Philip M MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 4.Weisz James MD

    4920 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Weisz James MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 5.Hoo and Frankel Optometrists

    192 Fairfield Ave
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    Hoo and Frankel Optometrists is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 6.Annette R Hoo, OD

    192 Fairfield Ave
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    Annette R Hoo, OD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 7.Mandel Alisa P OD

    4695 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Mandel Alisa P OD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 8.Hoo and Frankel Optometrists Dr

    2160 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Hoo and Frankel Optometrists Dr is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 9.Manjoney Delia M MD

    2720 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Manjoney Delia M MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 10.Delia Manjoney MD

    2720 Main St
    Bridgeport, CT 06606

    Delia Manjoney MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

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  • Neil Rosen, OD

    Neil Rosen, OD is 5-star1 Reviews

    Excellent doctor! I recommend him to everyone. My wife and I both are patients and my 5 year old son will be going for his first time. We purchased our frames today and also contacts for me.

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  • I got a pair of cat eye glasses online several days ago. I received it yesterday and I find it worthy. I feel comfortable while wearing them all the time. I will recommend the site to you and that is, This is a good site and they have cheap price and fast shipping. You can try if you need.

  • The best thing to do is get your eyes examined to see if you have a problem first and then if you do talk to your eye doctor about your options.

  • It can be annoying and potentially dangerous if we can't get the object out of your eye. But you can try this. First, you should wash your hands with soaps. Second, you can move your eye back and forth to locate where the object is. If you cannot do this by yourself, you can ask a friend or family member to do the inspection for you. You can also pull your own eyelid down and slowly look up. Then you can use a piece of clean and soft tissue to wipe the object gently, they often cling to your tissue directly. If the object is difficult to find and get out, you should seek medical attention immediately. Don't rub your eyes and don't flush them with water.

  • Chlamydia eye infection is contagious. Chlamydia can infect the eye by the remaining bacteria on the hands after touching the genital. The infection is called conjunctivitis or pink eye. As is known, pink eye can be spread through hand contact. To prevent the contagion, you and the people around you should form a habit of washing hands frequently. Besides, you should use your own articles of everyday use and do not share them with others. It is also necessary for you to stay at home to avoid contagion, for you may spread the bacteria when you are in populous places. Antibiotics can be used to treat chlamydia eye infection. If the corneal is seriously damaged, you can receive corneal transplant.

  • The eye exam at Walmart should be very cheap and they also have some pretty cheap glasses too. I have better experience here, the eye doctor is nice as well, if money is a major problem for you. I high recommend them to you.

  • Nowadays, most online stores are offering quality assured products so that you may rest assured to buy. And there are online customer-service workers who are ready for answering your consultation and find the most suitable glasses. Before you place an order, make sure the style, the color, the material and the usage you want of the glasses. The price is not the king point. It is very likely that you can buy a pair of glasses with high quality as well as low price, because online stores may provide more discounts and even more styles. is a nice choice for there are free glasses for those who are new customers.

  • Everyone may have had eye twitching, it is not really a disease, but it does make people uncomfortable. As the saying goes "eye twitching can predict the luck", "left eye twitches luck, right eye twitches disaster". However, they are not scientific. Well, why the eyelids twitch? What methods can be used to prevent? The most common reason is overuse of the eyes, cause eyestrain, causing eyestrain, or fatigue, psychological stress, and so on. Such as, playing the computer a long time, reading under bright light or low light for too long. At this point, a brief rest or eyes closed can make the symptoms disappear naturally, and you do not need to be tense or upset. However, if the patients' eyes refractive errors, nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and without wearing the right glasses, eye twitching is just to remind that you should wear the right glasses. If it is excluded by a variety of factors above, you should ask the ophthalmologist carefully for you to find the cause and for the symptomatic treatment.

  • No. Since this procedure does not take long, general anesthesia is unnecessary. Instead, the doctor will use a local or topical anesthetic to numb your eye and you will remain awake during the procedure. In most cases, "twilight sleep" is induced by an anesthesiologist to make you more relaxed.

  • If the gas bubble is only a little in your eyes, it is not a serious problem. You just go to the hospital and let the doctor cure it for you. The doctor will prick the bubble for you. Then you should keep on using the eye drops to release your symptom. After a week, your eyes will get recovery. During this time, you'd better not eat the spicy food or other irritating food which will make your problems get serious.

  • Yes, LASIK can certainly help to treat presbyopia. The technique used for this is known as Laser Blended Vision and would enable patients to eliminate or dramatically reduce the need to use so many visual aids. It would be helpful for you to schedule an appointment with a laser eye surgery provider for your grandpa so that you are able to determine his suitability and options. Thereafter,he can make his final decision based on this.
    If you need a bit more information about Laser Blended Vision, have a read through this website as it provides more information in detail.