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  • The sore eyes are also known as pink eyes, or conjunctivitis. It's a common eye vision, which means the infection of the eyeball and inner eyelid. You would feel discomfort about the pink eye, and your eyes would be redness. Then, you would feel that it's not easy to open eyes because of the eyelid is pasted after sleeping. Even your eyes would feel painful. In general, the treatment of the sore eyes is not that difficult. One easiest way of treating sore eyes is using a slice of cucumber over the eyes for half an hour. Or you can add a bit of salt in boiled water and utilizing cotton ball to place over the sore eyes for 5 minutes to get relief. Additionally, you can place the cotton ball with fresh milk on your eyes for a few minutes. It can reduce the itchiness and redness of the pink eyes. On the other hand, you can use some eye drops to eliminate the bacterial and virus of sore eyes if you feel the pink eye is serious.

  • Different people have different opinions. As it to me, I think the vision insurance is not worth it. I feel like it does not cover that much and the premium is equal to what I would pay for an exam. I used to get my contacts from 1-800 contacts and they were pretty reasonably priced. I'd also get cheap glasses. Moreover, I have already go Lasik a couple of years ago, so I no longer have to buy that stuff.

  • You will notice when looking at your Pinhole glasses, that there are four triangles, one in each corner of each lens. Pinholes are best worn when watching TV or reading. When reading always make sure adequate lighting is supplied. As you look through Pinholes some light is cut out. Your eyes may take a little while to adjust to Pinholes, but in a short period your eyes will not notice that they focus through these tiny holes. That is why watching TV is ideal, you forget very quickly that
    you are wearing them.Pinholes should be worn for a few hours a day, or as often
    as possible.
    Never wear your Pinholes when driving or doing any activity where sideways vision is required. Do not use as sun glasses. Always make sure your Pinholes are clean and check no holes are blocked, it is very important to have complete vision.

  • The common causes of red eyes include allergy and contact using. Some people are allergic to foreign substances such as dust, pollen or certain chemicals found in makeup or contact lens solutions. Their immune system will reacts to these foreign substances. Their bodies will releases histamine to fight off the allergens. However, the histamine will cause blood vessels in our eyes to enlarge this will make our eyes to become red. Another main culprit of red eye is over wearing contact lenses. And this will cause eye infections such as keratitis or fungal eye infections. Under such circumstances, we must remove our contacts immediately and visit our eye doctor.

  • Nose pads on glasses are the key for the way your glasses fix on your face. When your glasses sit crookedly or in an uncomfortable position, you need to adjust them. It is just a easy job, and you just need care and small movements. Steps are as follows: Place a small towel around the lens to protect from damage. Use the pliers to grip the pad, and gently adjust it according to the actual condition until the fit is comfortable. Repeat with the other side. Be quite careful throughout the process, or you may damage the frame.

  • The causes of red, glassy eyes can be a combination of things. Allergies, dry eyes blepharitis may cause red and glassy eyes. There are some home remedies that will help with your symptoms. If it was caused by allergies, you could pin down the offending objects (allergens). If it was caused by dry eyes, you could apply some artificial tears or drink plenty of water to lubricate your eyeballs. If it was caused by blepharitis, you could apply daily lid scrubs combined with warm compresses to relieve your symptoms. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor first.

  • I've never heard that there is the maximum age for lasik surgery. I only know people should wait up to 18 years old so that they can have lasik surgery because lasik surgery can be down after your vision is stabilized. Otherwise you will need another lasik surgery soon after the procedure because your vision is always changing. However, there is no maximum age for lasik surgery. People who are over 80 or even 90 are able to have lasik surgery as long as they are qualified for the surgery. So before you go to have lasik surgery, you will be asked to have a check to see whether you are suitable for the surgery.

  • Of course yes. Generally speaking, it is permissible to use contact lenses when fasting. And the fact that they are first placed in a cleansing solution, so in that way, it does not matter. As we know that the worst that can happen is that some of this solution leaks into the eye. Thus it is like eye drops, and eye drops do not invalidate the fast, according to the correct scholarly opinion. And also you should pay more attention to the infection for your eyes are infected easily. So just be careful when you are fasting.

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