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43 Woodland St Ste 100
Hartford, CT 06105

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  • Skiers and target shooters will prefer to yellow lenses, because yellow lenses can work well in low light and they can reduce haze. If you want to choose the light tint color, yellow lenses are a good choice. Besides, they can increase contrast for a sharper image. And the yellow lenses can match with your brown frame too.

  • I have seen some opticians inside Walmart..probably they are cheap. Not sure if they are good enough though.

  • If you are still young,you may need glasses. Go to have an eye exam and get a pair of glasses to see how it feel.It can't be cancer,don't worry too much.

  • I have tried the photochromic lense glasses. The color of the lenses can change according to the amount of the sunlight. If I am in the outside, the lenses will be totally dark. But after I enter into a dark house, a few seconds later the lenses will become transparent.

  • There are many problems that can cause swollen eyes, and thyroid also can lead to swollen eyes. Eye swelling results from a lot of problem,such as allergic reactions, animal dander, foods, and medicines. There are hundreds of medications that can help alleviate swelling, but only the doctor can fix the problem because swollen eyes can caused by many problem. Seek medical help from a medical professional who can help you solve this problem completely.

  • The scarring corneal is not everlasting which could be treated through the surgery. You could treat it through some home remedies. You could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should drink more water and eat more vegetables to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should protect the eyes carefully.

  • According to your prescription, of course, you can get high index lens with semi rimless glasses because that your prescription is not that high. If your PX power is very strong, then the lenses will be pretty thick even with polished edges. Semi-rimless glasses will show the full lenses on the bottom so you will be able to tell that the lens is thick when someone looks at you. With full frame glasses you won't be able to tell that the lenses are as thick because the frame hides the lenses. But with your prescription, it is ok for you wear use semi-rimless glasses.

  • I couldn't give you a clearly answer. You know, it depends on the degree of trauma with your eyes. If only minor injuries, generally about one week could be recovered. But if serious injuries, it will be take a long time to heal. May be one month, perhaps two months. In any event, I hope we could take care of our eyes, the best is not get any injured.

  • If you want to have the brown eyes naturally since you have the Asian's black eyes, you could wear the colored contact lenses to get this. There are a lot of brown color contact lenses in the market. You could choose one and wear one pair of contact lenses. Your brown eyes will look so naturally and beautiful. You could have a try.

  • Compared with the normal sunglasses, the prescription sunglasses will absolutely expensive because of the additional functional at the lenses which will not only make you see clearly but also protect your eyes from the uv rays. You could still find the relatively cheap prescription sunglasses from the online stores, like amazon, walmart and so on. Their price must be cheaper than those in the real stores.