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4151 NW 124th Ave
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  • Of course there are. They are toric lens and often come in 30 packs in a box. You can go to the nearby optical store and have a ask.

  • I got this in my first pregnancy, I had been to the eye doctor and he said that it was just normal wear and hormone changes during the pregnancy. Dear friend, eye floaters are pretty common. I think that they are not really anything to worry about. But if you have a lot then you should go and see an eye doctor, because you may need some treatment. Sometimes eye floaters are a sign of a serious condition. If the eye floaters are caused by retinal detachment, retinal tear or bleeding within the eye, you must see an eye doctor right away.

  • JaneH is right. It is a minefield. I have two sets of glasses, both supposed to be FL41 supplied by my local optician via Norville. They are both quite different to each other. One is quite pink which has the effect of making things appear much brighter. Having very light sensitive eyes now as a result of the BEB I cannot get on with them. The other pair are an orange /brown and I find these work well for me. As JaneH says they also hide the eyes a wee bit. I also use Lundie Loops which I must admit I am very consciose of people looking at. They are brilliant for me though as I have Apraxia and cannot seem to cope without them. My eyes just close and the job stops as they say. Like JaneH my optician has taken a great interest in my case and one of the staff used me as a case study for her exams. Glasses were no cheaper though. I am currently in the process of getting new ones and it will be interesting to see what arrives. JaneH is right, the American web site is a mine of information on what is and what is not FL41 but at the end of the day we are all different and what does for one may not do for another.

  • People with square faces while selecting sunglasses should notice the curve of the frame. So, round or oval are help to remit the mistakes of square shape faces. Red colored sunglasses make your friend look powerful and confident. Purple will make her a grace and elegant lady. Blue is the color makes people look cool. So, what is feeling you want to take to your friend? By the way, if she always drives with sunglasses, you should avoid red, green and yellow, or it can be a hidden danger of a traffic accident.

  • I think you must have choose a pair of heavy glasses. Your frame must be heavy or your lenses are of high power and low index. The weight of your glasses would all be put on your nose and makes it much easier for your glasses to rub your nose. You won't feel your glasses are rubbing your nose if it's very light. Besides, maybe you've gotten a pair of glasses with incorrect PD. The PD of your glasses may be too big for you as to make you feel your glasses are loose and would rub your nose frequently.
    To solve this problem, you should check the weight and PD. If it's too heavy, you should quit it. If it's too loose, you should change a tight frame.

  • Well, looks like there is some slight problem with your eyes. As far as I know, sperms does not contain any bacterium, thus, they are not infectious to our eyes. However, such stuff would inevitably lead to some irritations to our eyes and make them uncomfortable. Therefore, you also need to flush your eyes with some clean water or get some eye drops to deal with that.

  • Well, in my opinion, contact lenses cannot damage your eyes in common. As we know that contact lenses are made of soft plastics. And generally speaking, it will be very comfortable if you take them in your eyes. But on the other hand, if your contact lenses have been scratched by something, it will just be dangerous for your eyes. In that way, it will just scratch your eyeball in some degree. And that can be very dangerous. So you should be careful about it. By the way, keeping your contact lenses being clean is very essential, or it will just cause many problems.

  • No, you should not do that. A club is usually crowed with people, and it is not that bright as other places. When you wanna go to club, you could change your glasses to contact lenses. The most important factor is safe, because you do not need to worry about the glasses are broken to damage your eyes. And it is more convenient for you to see objects without worrying about the glasses would be lost due to the crowed people in the club. Addtionally, it would make you more charming when you not wear glasses in the club, which can potential enhance your beauty of appearance. What is more, it is easier for you to clean them after going to the club, you can use daily contact lenses thus they do not need to be cleaned.

  • Yes, overweight can cause some problems of eyesight. It is really possible. When you have the overweight, you may find that your body health will be affected too. Your eyes will be affected indirectly. When there is something wrong with your liver or other parts, you could find that your eyes will have the corresponding action. Thus, you'd better control your weight.

  • Of course you can. But it is difficult.I would rather buy a new pair of these glasses.