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  • There is a large scope of vision outside the central vision, which is called peripheral vision. Put it in this way, perippheral vision means you could see out of the corner of your eyes. Peripheral vision loss creat a sensation that you are looking at everything through a narrow tunnel, which explained exactly why it is called tunnel vision in medical term. Basic causes of peripheral vision loss include retina detachment, glaucoma, eye stroke or occlusion, optic neuritis, papilliedema and concussions. Normally speaking, it won't be triggered by your exercises, unless you did some fierce or contact sports. Eyes are delicate and easy to get hurt. If you got any collision or got any trauma on head, it might cause retina detachment or concussion, which might finally lead to peripheral vision loss. You don't have to be panic about it, because some cases are just temporary, while some are permanent. You just need to visit your ophthalmologist once you found this symptom. With proper and timely treatment, it is possible to prevent it developing to permanent cases. Tunnel vision gives bad direct and guide when you are walking or driving. Be careful. Good luck!

  • Well it is really a tough question to answer to. After all there are still so many secrets waiting for researchers to discover. According to some material so far, it is not the same measurement of human eyes as cameras or screens. Resolution of digital appliances is measured in pixels, while human eye is different. In human eyes, there are 5 millions of cone cells, which are sensitive for colors. We can put it in this way that the 5 millions of cones are equal to 5 million of pixels of resolution. But it is far undervalued of our eyes. We know that there are rod cells in our eyes, sensitive for contrast of light and active in dim environment. There are totally 1 million of rods in human eyes, which determined the sharpness and fineness of the picture we saw. We could say that there are maximum 17000 point sources per inch of common person, while, for a good digital camera with a resolution of 2160*1440, there are 400 resolution per inch for a 4*5 printed picture taken by it. The best camera in the world can't be compared with human eyes. If we need to express the pixels of resolution of human eyes, some researchers claimed that it should be 500 million pixels. Recommend you the following article to know more.

  • Absolutely not. since tap water has some organism or bacteria which will stay on your lenses. Then further to infect your eyes. So rinsing your contacts with tap water is not suggested.

  • To some extent, computer glasses can help people protect eyes. You know, today, most of work need computer. Some people even spend a whole day work on computer. And the computer screen will release strong light, reflective light and glares and so forth that is very harmful to my eyes. And computer eyeglasses lenses can prevent those light to your eyes, thus to protect your eyes. Besides, you can wear prescription computer glasses which can also provide vision aids to your eyes.

  • It is very possible that you may get photophobia. Photophobia, also known as afraid of light, which is really a bad eye disorder that can lead to further eye problems, such as blurry vision and double vision. Causes of photophobia are various, for instance cataracts, iritis and optic neuritis. Magnesium deficiency and migraine are also possible to cause it. People who suffer photophobia are easy to experience burning, be sensitive to light and hot wind, a feeling of sandy in eyes. The best way to heal it is surgery. And keep eye health is the most important way to prevent photophobia.

  • Online optical stores often sell the whole glasses including lenses and frames. There is no need for you to put lenses in at your optician. As long as you know your prescription, you can order the glasses online easily.

  • Yes, personally I think it is necessary. In order to cure the lazy eye, we should insist to patch the good eye for a period of time. Even though school is starting again and many eye patchers are fearful of being teased. It's sad and unnessesary. They need to wear an eye patch to save their vision. They need positive encouragement from friends and support from everyone.

  • If you got dry eyes, you might feel eyes red, gritty, pain, a sensation of foreign body, itching and a little sensitive to light. Then what caused dry eyes? Tears are very important in eyes. They are produced by glands in the upper eye lids. Most components of tears are water, oil and mucus. Each of these components has different functions. Water could moisturize our eyes. Oil could lubricate eyes so that it won't be uncomfortable and gritty if we turn eyeball or make any movements. Mucus could help tears spread evenly on eyeballs. Each component plays important role. Taking some vitamin A is good for mucin layer of tears. Good food resources for vitamin A include carrots, yams, sweat potatoes and so on. Yet what exactly caused your dry eyes needs more investigation. I still suggest you to get help from oculists.

  • Back in the day, these huge glasses would have been looked at as ridiculous. I was a frames stylist for 2 years at an optometrist's office in the 1990s and showing so much cheek through the lenses was considered a poor, unbalanced look. But fashions are always changing and now the big frame is the 'look'.

  • As far as I know, Kate Spade sunglasses is a pretty nice brand, as most people do. You should know that it is an American brand which is dedicated to making luxurious purses and shoes. But their sunglasses are also of nice quality. In order to tell its authenticity, you should ask the clerks for production certificate, and quality warrenty. In the meantime, you should carefully check the quality and the lenses.