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Dana Nolan


Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

3588 Saint Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205-8446

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This Eye Glass "Store" review will be brief and sweet, as was my visit. The store is a step back in time in a good sort of way partly because of it's location in Avondale, on St. Johns Avenue - a few steps from the car and I was inside of this warm (wood floors) and friendly and professional ( the girl knew her stuff) back to the sunglass selection before me, After looking around the small horseshoe shaped design where the different sun glass lines are displayed, I came upon a pair of "Oliver Peoples" tortoiseshell sunglasses, which shape wise were very similar to my "Ray Ban" Wayfarer's -the larger ones but the Oliver Peoples pair had pale blond tortoiseshell striations placed very nicely throughout the entire frames tortoiseshell embodied and the frames shape is slightly better for my 56 year old mug or face, which definitely made me want them immediately! The sales girl was most kind and informative as I had no money, she assured me that she would hold them for me briefly and if they're sold another pair can be ordered. I want these sunglasses, my kind husband will buy them for me, and the store is nearby and regardless where one finds a parking spot, it's a quick jaunt to the store, which I love and this store does carry Ray Bans with a wide variety of frames to choose from! If you like lots of flashy high end frames, you'll find them here which is why I will shop here for our shades! Oh! they'll have your sunglasses polarized if you so desire.They have it all-location, a variety of better sunglasses,and an educated staff!

11/27/2011 BY Anne E. Sasser

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  • Usually, people with strabismus surgery can expected their eyes be in a good position after the surgery. But it said that you shouldn't expected it will change too much. And the eyes will slightly with healing over 2-3 weeks. Anyway, you'd better ask your doctor how long it will spend for you to recovery.

  • It includes different colored dots with numbers hidden inside for elder children. For the younger children, simple objects, such as circles, triangles and squares, hidden in the dots. For color-blind children, it’s really not easy for them to recognize the numbers or objects hidden inside the dots as well as distinguishes red, orange, yellow and green.

  • Yes, eating moderate amount of strawberries can be good for your eyes. There are many vitamins and microelements contained in the strawberries, which is very favorable for the health of the eyes. For example, the calcium, ferrum and phosphorus can help compose the prooteins for the eyes. In addition, the carotene in the strawberries is an important matter that helps compose vitamin A which can prevent dry cornea and night blindness. The vitamin C and vitamin E contained in the strawberries can remove the oxygen radicals in the eyes so as to prevent people from getting cataracts. But you should not eat too much, in case of getting inflamed because ther are much sugar in the strawberries, too.

  • Yes. But there are few people who will suffer photophobia which is caused by Intralase. The photophobia result from Intralase will diminish in several months after the Intralase procedure. If you find it serious, you can contact your eye surgeon.

  • Well, as you can see, Bono sunglasses are quite famous around the world. And generally speaking, they are sold in some large shopping centers and exclusive stores in some large cities. But in order to save money,people try to buy them through the Internet. However some sellers sell fake ones on the Internet. So I recommend that you buy them personally in the stores. Usually you cannot find fake ones there. You can know where to buy if you make contact with its customer service department. Hope you find your favorite sunglasses.

  • Memory metal is a kind of very durable material for eyeglasses frame. And in common, memory metal eyeglasses frame can back to their orginal shape if you bend them. Now, your eyeglasses frame are out of shape, you can try to bend them into shape. Since they are durable, you needn't worry about you will broke them.

  • Polarized glasses can protect our eyes from the harsh glares from the sun, but if you mean whether they can protect the harmful UV rays from the sun. I think if they are coated with the UV blocking coatings, they can protect our eyes from the harmful rays. But I think usually the polarized sunglasses have this kind of coatings so they can protect your eyes from the sun.

  • Dry eye may result from temporary or chronic health conditions. We know that tear can moist the surface of eyes and flush away some toxic and useless things in eyes. Tears are composed of water, oil, and antibodies, which is important to avoid damage of the cornea. Dry eye cannot lead to broken blood vessels. Redness in eyes may occur because of it. However, broken blood vessels are never.

  • Yes. I have saw some sites online signs that they made prescription wraparound sunglasses. But, this is not for sure, but depends on your prescription. If you have mild prescription, prescription wraparound sunglasses are available. But if you have high prescription (usually over -/+5.0 SPH), you are not recommended prescription wraparound sunglasses. If so, you may have to try clip on sunglasses or fitover sunglasses if you want to get clear vision as well as eye protection from UV rays.

  • In my opinion, the bausch and lomb purevision contact lenses are the best ones. They are so thin at the design which will make you feel nothing when you wear the contact lenses. You will also find that it is durable to wear because you could wear it for many years. This brand is so famous in the world which owns the high reputation.