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2628 Tamiami Trl N
Naples, FL 34103

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  • I am sorry to tell you that his song is more beautiful than his eyes. Maybe he just wears sunglasses in public to cover his eyes. The pictures show that he has reel buggy eyes when he was a student. He also has lazy eye. He is self-conscious about how his eyes look like so he wear sunglasses. And it is said that he also wears sunglasses for an ongoing endorsement deal with Oakley. He looked so nerdy when he wore a pair of prescription glasses or without a pair of sunglasses. But nobody can ignore the success he made in his music.

  • Currently there is no way to change eye color permanently, but in the future it possibly will. The surgery may implant an artificial iris ON the natural one, and cover it.

  • You should have your eyes examined to see if it have already been hurt by the strong light. Sometimes, vision problem doesn't appear right after the harm.

  • Vision insurance plans usually cover two types, one is vision benefits package and the other is discount vision plan. A vision benefits package means that you only pay a co-pay for your eye exam with the balance to be paid by your plan. In a vision discount plan, you must pay fully for services, which is lower than the normal price.

  • Acetone is a common industrial solvent and the simplest representative of the ketone group of solvents. Breathing moderate-to-high levels of acetone for short periods of time can cause eye irritation. If you accidentally get it into your eyes, it can cause permanent eye damage such like corneal clouding without properly treatment. Once the acetone get into your eyes, please flush your eyes with tap water with 10-15 minutes and repeat it until you feel better. If you do not have any other problem such as blurred vision, you do not need to seek medical attention. Hope this helpful.

  • Loose glasses fall down on your face and can fall off and break if you make too swift of a movement. Actually, you can tighten your loose eyeglasses easily at home. Procure an eyeglasses repair kit and tighten the screws that hold the legs to the front of the glasses. Try on your glasses and see if the frames have been sufficiently tightened. If the glasses quickly slip back to being loose again, you will need to replace the screws. Remove the screws from each side and replace them with screws from the eyeglass repair kit. Tighten the new screws and try your glasses on. Hope this helpful.

  • Sweetie, I don't know whether pink eye was a kind of eye problem or not. But I think it is a kind of eye problem. I just suffered from pink eye in last month. It was caused by bacteria. My eyes are red and itchy in that period. Later I have my eyes checked and treat with some medicines. Then the symptoms went away slowly. In my case, eye exercise can do nothing for my irritated eyes. Maybe eye exercise will make situation even worse.

  • Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Gucci, D&G are all good choices.If your budget allows,you can get one of them.

  • It is quite possible to have blocked tear duct from eyeliner using. Eye infection and inflammation are possible for people to develop tear duct blockage. Eyeliner might cause eye infection and inflammation and lead to the tear duct blockage. Actually mascara and eyeliner are very easy to cause eye irritations. Thick makeup with mascara and eyeliner would easily cause eyelashes fallen out, foreign body sensation and a stye. If you do need to wear eyeliner everyday, you should be careful not to get it into eyes and remove it carefully and thoroughly with mild eye makeup remover otherwise the left chemicals would cause problems. Don't share the mascara or eyeliner with anybody else to avoid any bacteria or virus transmitted. And there is a finite period of useful life of every cosmetic items, especially the ones applied to eyes. It is better to stop using the mascara or eyeliner within 6 months after it is opened. Because the germ would stem on it, and with applying to eyes, it can easily spread the germ into eyes and infection would be caused. Hygiene should be always on your mind if you need to wear eye makeup.

  • Drinking eye drops such as Visine will causes a number of harmful side effects. Though it is sometimes regarded as a prank, putting eye drops in someone's drink can have dire consequences. Products like Visine contain tetrahydrozoline HCI, and this substance is known to cause diarrhea, nausea, severe breathing difficulty, respiratory failure, tremors, blurred vision, seizures, coma and even death. Anyone who drinks eye drops is advised to seek medical attention or contact the Poison Control Center immediately.