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2068 N University Dr
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

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  • Personally I think it depends on how you looks like and whether you choose a suitable glasses for you. Your dressing would be more convincing than your eyeglasses.

  • I think it depends on the lenses. I know a girl who wears these glasses that makes her eyes HUGE (like funny huge) but when she takes her glasses they're not that size at all. Everyone's different, but usually the eye size (appearance I mean) is usually the same.

  • You can wear for maximum one month technically. As we all known, contact lenses are directly touched your eyes or retina, the protein would be accumulated on the surface of the lens. Hence, various types of contact lenses are available for satisfying various requirements. The monthly contact lenses are made by highly breathable hydrogels so that they are comfortable for people to war on a monthly basis. However, you have to take them off and clean them with saline solution in the night. And it is a good choice for new contact lenses wearer.

  • Of course you can.Just take them to any optical store and tint them in blue.But then your glasses would become prescription sunglasses.

  • High blood pressure can cause various side effects. The most possible one is red eyes, but as far as we know, we have not heard that it can cause dark circles. However high blood pressure is also a dangerous illness so in daily life please try to be careful enough. Except eye problem, there are many other side effects.

  • Well. Generally speaking, of course, you can buy them on online shop and the official local shop. But if you buy them online, it will be cheaper. So in my opinion, you can just choose one pair from the online shop, such as contactlenses.urope, where there are many brand and many types you can choose from. And also, you can just have some question about the lenses, you can ask them too. So it is very convenient. So you can just link to the website at There are different prices with different products; it all depends on your own choice. For example, one pair of lenses can cost 30 Euros.

  • One thing for sure, every digital products are bad for eyes if someone use it for too long then do nothing to relax eyes. No matter how sufficient light Ipad mini offered, you shouldn't reading it for more than one hours without break. Eye strain occurs when people's eyes are tired and lack of relaxation. Digital products' radiation make the tiredness comes sooner than normal reading. It doesn't matter to use Ipad mini if you relax your eyes when they need.

  • I have not heard that wearing glasses can cause sunken eyes.Sunken eyes are a common condition that occurs around the eyes as we age. This is also caused due to other reasons such as stress, dehydration, poor diet or lack of sleep. People with sunken eyes can look very unhealthy and exhausted.

  • OK, sounds like you are going to make yourself appear more attractive by changing your hairstyle and make it compatible with how you dress up and what kind of glasses to wear. Anyway, from what I can see, it would be wise for you to have some kinda short bob, which would make you appear feminine and ladylike. You can also dye your hair and get some nice dress to fresh up.

  • For your round face, you'd better choose frames with oval, rectangular, or square shape, never choose small and round face which will make your face look rounder.