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  • Eyeglasses are normally silver-soldered. Best of my knowledge it's not d-i-y stuff (I sympathize on the glasses repairs). Haven't had to have any repaired in a long time so don't recall the cost. Considering how expensive new stuff is, tho, I'm surprised a repair would be that much.

  • Well, they are actually very popular with many people. You should know that they were the first company to actually design eyewear that was intended to protect the eyes from the sun while still looking good. They have perfect the materials used in the frames. Frames made of carbon fiber are ideal for sunglasses because it allows them to be very lightweight while at the same time being both strong and flexible. This is also the advantage of ray ban sunglasses. But in my opinion, it is not about how to adjust them. If you wear them for a few days, you will feel good and have no problem about it. So do not worry about it. Just know something more about them and have a try.

  • As far as i know, there are no such contact lenses that can reduce glare. If you often drive at night, you can try night vision glasses or polarized sunglasses. Night vision glasses are special made for diver wearing at night. They can provide you comfortable and clear vision whiteout troubled by glares. Besides, you can also polarized sunglasses which are very famous on filter glares. If you need vision aids, you can choose prescription polarized sunglasses. Good luck.

  • Yes, the essential oils do work on the eye stye. The essential oils applied, the stye doesn’t even develop. When apply essential oils on your style, each morning and night, you need to put 1-2 drops in your palm and used your finger and rubbed a line underneath the eye. It does not need to touch the stye itself. Just do that about 4 days, your stye will be gone. Hope this helpful.

  • Infections, allergens and trauma can cause red and itchy eyes. If you get an infection, you'd better see an eye doctor immediately for some kind of infections can be highly contagious. If you are just suffering from allergens, you can avoid the allergens to relieve the symptom without any special treatment. If your red and itchy eyes were caused by trauma, you need to see an eye doctor for professional treatment.

  • Yes, staring at microwaves is definitely very bad for your eyes. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with very frequency which possess radiation. And the eyes are highly sensitive to the radiation, and directly staring at the microwaves can lead to cataracts. The radiation will cause degeneration and aging of the crystalline lenses, making more and more muddiness coming out there, thus people can not see clearly and get cataracts. Besides, there are much heat contained in the microwaves, which may make the eyes feel burning after staring. Therefore, do not stare at the microwaves directly, and if you have to stay where there are microwaves, you had better put on professional eyewear to protect your eyes.

  • You probably can put your old lenses into new glasses frame. But make sure the new frame can fit your old lenses properly. When you choose the new glasses frames, you should take the centering of the lenses into account. The centering of the lenses must be exact to your iris, or it will not provide you with clear vision because you always look through the centering of the lens. So it is a hard job to put old lenses into new glasses frames. The best way is to get a new pair of glasses.

  • It is difficult to tell what causes it since you do not provide enough information. In fact, there are many factors that can affect the vision. And the causes are different from each person from their age, onset, timing, during, with or without pain or redness, one eye or both, and medications etc . So, you's better see a doctor to get an eye check so as to find what causes it.

  • I think it is a rule for doctor to exam your eyes before giving you the contacts . Some times people's prescription change but they have not realize it . If you have your eye prescription ,you can order it online get contacts with that . Otherwise you can go to a cheaper place to have an eye exam such as Walmart .

  • Well, in my opinion, what you need to do first must be to check the exact causes. Red eyes give us a glimpse sign of our health problem like diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease or lupus due to the interconnected body's system. Sometimes it can be caused by bacterial conjunctivitis, virual conjunctivitis or even the tiny dust floating in the room. On the first and second occasion, you may desperately need to head to the doctor office to ask for the timely rescue before it really damages your organs functions, as red eyes are always associated with glaucoma. By the way, glaucoma is always along with some symptoms like feeling sick to your stomach. On the third occasion, you may roll your eyes to see if something out and shut up your window in spring, which is so easier than other seasons to make you get sick and have some allergies. Cleaning up your room is recommended.