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Rouse Family Eye Care


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15908 W State Rd 84
Sunrise, FL 33326-1233

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  • Certainly, there are many signs if your eyes are going bad. If you go through the experience of not see things as clear as before, this is a common sign of your eyes going bad. Check yourself if you have any bad habits listed below. Theses are signs of eyes going bad: squeezing frequently when reading and watching, headaches after reading or long time focus on computer, frequent eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, high eye pressure, blood shot eyes and many other eye symptoms, etc. If you are going through theses symptoms, you should take more care for your eyes. Don't over use of eyes, and do some eye exercises regularly. You should having enough sleep and relax your eyes, eat more vegetables and fruits. what's more, the best way is to consult an optometrist for an eye exam.

  • The foggy eyes is probably a result of irritation in your eyes from the chlorine, which is a pretty strong chemical in the first place. In order to avoid it, just wear goggles. Once your eyes are irritated though, you can flush them with water or eye drops, both of which simulate the action of tears washing out the chlorine.

  • Yes, selena Gomez is far-sighted and worn glasses when she was young. But later she worn contacts instead of glasses as she thought contacts are better than glasses on her and she didn't want others see her wear glasses. You can buy this kind of glasses at target or walmart at cheap price.

  • It should depend on how strong your prescription is. The 1.57 index lens will be 15% thinner than standard 1.5 index with the same prescription. They are suitable for wearer under +/_2.00.

  • Well, in my opinion, droopy eyes cannot lead to dry eyes, so you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can just cause droopy eyes. For example, eye strain can just tighten your eye skin, and then in a long term, it will just affect your eyelid, leading to droopy eyelids. In that way, your eyes will look older. But on the other hand, for dry eyes, you should know that if your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye, you may have dry eye. And it can be caused by many factors, such as vitamin deficiency. Also, eye infection is another factor too. But there is nothing to do with droopy eyes.

  • Eye ulcer is painful. It is an open sore on the cornea. The cornea is a transparent protective covering on eyeball. It is transparent so that light could travel through. It has millions of nerve endings on cornea, which makes it extremely sensitive. So corneal ulcer is excruciating, for the nerve ends exposure. It also develops excessive tearing, squinting or even vision loss. To know the optimal treatment, you need have the doctor found out what caused your corneal ulcer. For bacterial infected corneal ulcer, it should adopt fortified anti-biotic therapy. As to fungal infected corneal ulcer, intensified topical anti-fungal agents are good and proper treatment. While as to viral corneal ulceration, antiviral is used such as topical acyclovir ointment which should be instilled at least 5times per day. If the viral infection is caused by herpes simplex virus, it would last for a rather long period. Patients are usually encouraged to take some supplement of vitamin A and vitamin C which could help recovery.

  • Nowadays, aviator glasses are popular.this need to
    date back to the World War II that General Douglas MacArthur shield his eyes with aviator style glasses. Besides, in the movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise successfully create the character in a very handsome look with a pair of aviator style glasses. That make the aviator style sunglasses become timeless classic. Maybe this the reason why people love aviator glasses.

  • Basically they should wear contacts while playing if they are nearsighted. If wear framed glasses, when they look at the baseballs, there shall be based compared with actual baseball position. This shall be great danger when players wrongly missed the final position. But wearing contacts will not cause such problem and it can help tacking the ball clearer and without no mistake.

  • Of course not, all sunglasses were made in different places over the world. There are a variety of sunglasses, with different brands. Also, every brand of sunglasses has different colors and sizes. Sunglasses are invented primarily to prevent the bright light. You can browse some sunglasses website where you can find all kinds of sunglasses.

  • Yes. you should. Sunglasses are among the most fashionable accessories that can be used in many occasions. They can make you turn into a fashionista. As a guy, I recommend that a man have at least two pairs of sunglasses in his warbrobe. A classic, quality pair for every day use that can be worn with either a suit or polo shirt and a cheaper,disposable pair that can be worn in situations where the likelihood outdoor sports, you'll at some point want to consider a pair of athletic wrap around sunglasses.