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4805 S Main St
Acworth, GA 30101-5338

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  • The lenses have PC+UV protection, and they are all anti-fog lenses. Gasket is made of silicone, which makes you feel pretty comfortable while wearing. The strap is silicone make as well. You can choose the suitable one based on the price and the size. You'll find they are pretty eco-friendly, and comfortable wearing. They can be used in a long time, even though they are colored, they'll never fade if you obey the instruction of maintenance.

  • I think it is very common to have pain in eyes, in shoulders and muscles when migraine occurs. If you mean pain in eyes by sore eyes, then I would say it is quite possible. If you mean conjunctivitis by sore eyes, I don't think it is correct. Because conjunctivitis refering to the conjunctiva infections or allergic reaction, which can't be caused by migraine. Usually patients with migraine woule become very sensitive to light and sound. Brightness and noise would enlarge the suffering. It is recommended for the patients to have rest in dark and quite room. Migraine doesn't attack people in sleeping. So if you can, try to sleep, which can help.

  • Of course you can. When it comes to colored contact lenses, I must enhance that you'd better chose the pair that is fit for your face shape and face skin. Because different colored contacts lenses have different function. Some can make your eyes bigger than before, while others may make your eyes brighter than ever. But you must be careful during wearing false eyelashes, You cannot make them into eyes, or they will cause eye infection which is harmful to your eye health.

  • Yes, it is very normal and it especially happens when someone is having a dream. And it has even been proved that your eyes will move faster than usual when you sleep. This is good for your sleep cuz at least your eyes are very flexible. Of course you can' t watch your own eyes moving, but you can just observe others, haha.

  • I wear varifocals but they are not computer glasses in totally blind and useless with out glasses lol

  • I suggest that you'd better take your kid to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection and take timely treatment measures. You'd better consult professional doctor before the treatment in the self-medication. At the same time, parents should take certain methods to intervene and correct the children's bad habit such as rubbing their eyes!

  • A broken blood vessel in the white of the eye, also called a subconjunctival hemorrhage, may look painful, though the bright red area does not cause damage to the eye. The condition does not typically require treatment and will heal on its own over a week or so. However, if the red area bulges or causes pain and changes to vision, you should contact an eye doctor. A broken blood vessel may happen spontaneously, without a known cause, but understanding some of the known reasons for the condition may help prevent broken blood vessels in the eye. Pink eye, scientifically known as "conjunctivitis" may cause some unpleasantness, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. It is a membrane that is red in color, located in the inner part of the eyelids, and when pink eye occurs, it gets covered with fluid. There are various small organisms like fungus, viruses, bacteria, and other toxic agents, to which the reddish membrane reacts. These tend to be more common in children, but it is possible for people of all ages to be affected by pink eye.

  • Olive oil and vitamin E is helpful to the growth of your eyelashes. You can buy some painting on your eyelashes by cotton swab and don't put it on your eyelids. But it works after a long time perseverance. Lemon juice can help eyelash to grow, because it is rich in vitamin E.

  • First of all,u need to calm down and u should get to know that this disease is really very common.It is no big deal,just a kind of eye infection and it can be totally prevented if u take proper measures.U need to try to avoid sharing those things with others such as eye makeup,towel,eye drops,contact solutions and so on.If u share these things with others,it will be very possible that ur situation may just get worse.

  • The price of prescription glasses can be changed with the different material you choose. Generally, the price of glasses includes two parts, frame and lenses. Different frame has different price. As usual, plastic frame is cheaper than metal frame while lenses with filter are more expensive than normal lenses. Therefore, you should decide which kind of glasses you want and what your budget you get firstly, and then you can choose most suitable glasses for yourself.