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255 W Canfield Ave
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  • Yes, glaucoma is a kind of serious disease. Glaucoma refers to intraocular pressure or intermittent or continuous rise in an eye disease. It can increase intraocular pressure which can be due to the difference of its etiology. It has a variety of different symptoms of persistent high intraocular pressure to eyeball organization and visual function which damages the parts. It can cause vision loss and narrow vision if not treated. Thus the vision can be lost entirely and even blindness which is one of the main diseases of blindness. The main inducing factors of glaucoma are the long-term adverse mental stimulation. Thus you need to keep the good mood which is the very good eye supplement. You should not have the grumpy depression anxiety panic. You should have the life diet and daily life rule, combining exertion and rest. The proper exercise will be good for you. You should always take notice of your sleep quality, light and nutritious diet. You need to drink more water, but every day not more than 1000 or 1200 ml.

  • Hi , we have a new product called "Comfortable Nose Pad Cover" check it on amazon or ebay , this product is the answer to the problems of discomfort on nose due to eye glasses. I myself had the same problem which urged me to invent this product. please check it out. Thanks

  • One of the microorganism chlamydia will induce chronic infective keratitis. The appearance of symptom of this disease will lead to hackly of palpebral conjunctiva, like sand. This disease will last for over ten years that relate to the living and hygiene standard of the outer environment. The serious one will lead to blindness. The appearance of the disease will be photophobia, tears, itch and foreign body sensation, incretion increasing. The eyes bloods will congestion the follicle will appear, the heavy one will be cornea pannus. The hypopsia will happen. Keratohelcosis and dry eyes will exist in the later periods.

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  • First, don't worry. Dry eyes after lasik surgery is not permanent, it will last one to two weeks at most after surgery, only if you observe several tips as below. For example, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night. And, you may not be supposed to do some exercises after the surgery especially of swimming, it can be very dangerous. Besides, you should avoid the water splashes into your eyes when you wash your face or takes a bath or the dirty water may result in infection. Watching TV or playing computer is not allowed either. What's more, when you go out or stay in high intensity of lighting condition, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you can follow all of these tips, you will recovery soon.

  • Castor oil can be effective in treating blepharitis. I guess that doctors and your friends must have told you that clean blepharitis and use ointment or eye drops. Exactly these ways work for blepharitis. But some other treatment options you are also worthy to try. Just as castor oil which you wanna know its function. Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean. As we all know , castor oil is widely used in food industry as additives, such as flavorings, candy. But castor oil is generally recognized as safe and effective in medical area. The use of cold pressed castor oil in folk medicine predates government medical regulations. Castor oil works for skin disorders, burns and cuts. Castor oil has a great effect on cleaning styes in the eye through pouring a small amount into the eye and allowing it to circulate around the inside of the eyelid. Castor oil also has been used to be rub oil to heal blepharitis. But what you should pay attention is that keep away from castor oil which is left in the bottom of a bottle.

  • Those celebrities love sunglasses deeply than other people. The main reason for this phenomenon is they need to be cool, then they need to hid their sleepy eyes caused by the endless flying. Julian Casablancas is a talented singer and song writer, he is really busy and he always gets sleepy eyes, so sunglasses are the necessity for him. No matter what, we love him for his awesome music. But we have to admit, sunglasses do make him special.

  • Gradient sunglasses are installed with lenses that the color tint dark in the upper lenses and then fade away gradually. And the button of the lenses that looks almost clear lenses. The design of the lenses are made to give convenient to customers. They sunglasses not only prevent strong light, reduce UV rays, but also give wearers clear vision lenses for reading through the button part of lenses. From this point, gradient sunglasses are better than full tinted sunglasses.

  • A lot of musicians prefer to wear sunglasses to show their cool character. As the good accessories, the sunglasses will bring people the cool character. At the same time, the sunglasses will make them look mysterious. You could also protect the eyes from the strong uv rays and other bad lights.

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