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Cesar L Lau, OD

Cesar L Lau, OD (
Chicago,IL 60630)

(773) 283-4053

Category: Eye Doctor

4968 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Edmunds St & Gale St)

Chicago,IL 60630

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4968 N Milwaukee Ave (between Edmunds St & Gale St) Chicago,IL 60630

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  • Some redness will disappear on its own without applying eye drops. Remember that don't rub your eyes with your dirty hand. But some kind of infection need professional treatment and doctors may require you to apply eye drops. if you got the contagious pink eye. You can't refuse to use eye drops. Because eye drops contain anti-viral ingredients that are good for your infected eyes. The artificial can moisten your eyes but they can't kill virus, so they are not as good as special eye drops at this moment.

  • I think this more likely a Visual Looming Syndrome, than Aichmophobia. They are two different things. VLS can be treated with eye muscle exercises.

  • There are various frames for women, different in shapes, styles and size. When you choose a frame, you should take the good fit, comfort and durability into account. I'd like to introduce you the current eyeglass frame trends for women: pretty lady, statement frames, neon bright, oversized oomph and temple grand. These are almost all the features of fashion glass frames. Following those labels, you can easily find a pair of glass frames in style whatever your style may be. Besides, you should pay attention to the choice of color and select the frames according to your face shape.

  • There are losts of brands provide thick black rimmed eyeglasses such as marc jacobs Gucci, Calvin Klein, DKNY and Dolce&&Gabbana etc. Among these brands eyeglasses, i prefer to choose DKNY thick black rimmed glasses because most of eyeglasses frames from DKNY are cheaper than other famous brands eyeglasses like Gucci, Calvin Klein or Dolce&&Gabbana etc. And you can also find DKNY black thick frames glasses online.

  • Everyone gets them from time to time, tired, sore eyes. It is will gone until you have a sound rest. But what can you do to make your eyes feel better when immediate sleep is not an option, you can try natural tears that you can purchase over the counter at a drugstore. These products will take out redness and stop itchiness.Try some green tea (on your peepers). Apply warm tea bags to your eyes to help relieve irritation.

  • If you have eye pain now and then, you'd better firstly check out the main reason. Are your eyes dry? Do your eyes get infection because of coming bacterium? You need to do something to calm it down. The acupuncture will help you with your eyes pain because of the massage on the eyes parts. You could also use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes. You could also choose to use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You need to find the clean cloth and warm water to make your eyes feel better. You will find the comfort at the eyes. You should not eat the spicy food to stimulate your eyes nerves and you should have the good rest for the eyes.

  • You can put some artificial tears into your eyes to wash your eyes. When our eyes are very dry, our eyes will produce more tears to lubricate your eyeballs. You can have your eyes checked first to see what caused the symptom and whether you need some special treatment or not. Sometimes, environmental factors such as wind or smokes can be the triggers of watery eyes. But the symptom will disappear few days later. Hope you will be fine soon.

  • Referring to your question, I know that you would love to own a pair of Plano eyeglasses with the lenses which have no power. Actually, you can easily find such kind of eyeglasses at online shops such as Firmoo, zennioptical. All these online shop are trustworthy. So you can have a happy purchasing time with them.

  • There are four types of progressive glasses which are Standard Progressive Lenses, Short Corridor Progressive Lenses, Computer Progressive Lenses and Premium Progressive Lenses. However I am not sure which one will suit you best because I don't know your exact information. So you should go to your doctor, he will give you some advice.

  • How do I get a free eye exam from Walmart? I have no insurance for eye care and little funds while finishing school for a new career.