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Dr. Lance Olson OD

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209 S. LaSalle St, Suite 120
Chicago, IL 60604

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  • Nope, it could not cause that. Because dark circles could point towards a weak function of liver or kidney that not as desired. Many who suffer from sinus problems could develop dark circles under the eyes. If the dark circles are caused due to some medical condition, you will know it, because the dark circles will be just one out of possibly many symptoms caused. On the other side, dark circles could appear when you keep aging. The prime culprit almost always are the veins beneath the skin under the eye which is very thin. This skin is very easily damaged and is always the first to show. Aging and damage caused by the sun make the skin thin and translucent, allowing the veins beneath very prominent. These veins are what make the skin look dark. The skin also looks baggy and puffed because elasticity of the skin keeps reducing with age.

  • tinted sunglasses can give you comfortable and healthy vision in certain environment. So choose suitable color for sunglasses is very important. Green tinted sunglasses are generally used to reduce eye strain under bright light. They can also provide semi-enhances contrast in low light, though yellow tinted sunglasses make the contrast best. If you plan to be under the extremely bright light, green tinted sunglasses are good for you to prevent you getting headaches that result from light.

  • Yes, drinking water can hydrate your eyes. We need to drink at least 8 cups of water each day. it is said that water can help with dry eye syndrome. Maybe the eyes contain more water that other parts of our body. And water can help with the normal function of our body. We know that water forms the 65 percent of our body. If there are less water in our body, we may suffer from many problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding.

  • The reason for why your eyes keep stinging is irritation, inflammation, dry eyes and wrong prescription of glasses or contact lenses. Usually, eye itchiness, wateriness or excessive eye discharges can happen at the same time as stinging. Your eyes may be irritated by certain chemicals or environment, such as detergent, cosmetics and gusty wind. If your eyes are red, you may have got pink eye which is caused by infection from bacteria or viruses. If you catch a cold or flu, you will also have this problem. Eye dryness can make your eyes stinging, for there are not enough tears to protect your eyes. Besides, overuse of eyes can lead to eye stinging. If you are glasses or contact lenses wearer, your eyes may be stinging because of the strain from the wrong prescription.

  • Day and Night contact lenses doing better in oxygen permeability than normal contacts. They are very popular among these people who are very busy in working as they need not to take them out everyday. So, this is the advantage. But most of the Day and Night contact lenses' oxygen permeability is not good enough to wear them in a long time without taking out. They can still cause dry eyes or other eye diseases. If people have eye diseases like keratitis, blepharitis or dry eyes wear day and night contact lenses, their eye heath may be worse. So, if you are really engaged in working and have no time or inconvenient to take them out, I suggest you do not wear day and night contact lenses.

  • Close your eyes for a while until you shed a great quantity of tears, and then open your eyes and blink them gently several times, and you will feel better. Or you can wash your eyes with clean water or physiological saline. Close your eyes gently and then immerse your face in the water, and blink your eyes several times. Do not rub your eyes with your hand. Relax yourself, do something you like, then it can divert your attention and relieve your pain, and you will not feel the discomfort afterwards.

  • Wearing contacts has nothing to do with the age as long as the child can take good care of the contacts. If children are responsible to do as the doctor tells them, then they can wear contacts.

  • Well, it seems that you are very interested in sports and keeping yourself in good conditions. As far as I know, pink eyes would simply not impede taking regular exercise, actually, by taking exercise, you are likely to tackle pink eyes and some other diseases. However, you gotta be careful not to harm your eyes again, and it you are very serious, you should get some rest and treatment in time.

  • Nope, there is no any evidence that proof contact lenses would cause retinal detachment. The retina is the lining at the back of the eye. The retina has two layers which are attached to each other. A retinal detachment occurs when the two layers become separated in one or more areas. This is an emergency condition which can result in loss of sight from the affected eye. However, contact lenses are only a kind of vision tool to assist you to have a clear vision. They are inserted on surface of your eyeball, in other words, they are placing in front of your eye, which could not have any chance to touch your retina. But contact lenses could make eye irritation or infection if you do not use them proprely and cause more serious conditions in some speical occaisions. In general, contact lenses cannot cause retinal detachment.

  • Are you under a heavy stress? If so, you should learn to relieve your stress and you can focus your eyes again when you are in a light mood. The phenomenon that you cannot focus your eyes sometimes can be due to eye strain. Under such circumstances, you should have a good rest and do some eye exercises. Massage can also help relieve such symptom. If you are too anxious, you can go to hospital for an overall examination and receive relevant treatment under the guidance of the experienced eye doctor.